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Global Bio Sciences - About Global BioSciences, Inc.
In August 2002, the Massachusetts DEP approved implementation of Butane Biosparging™ with Butane Bioventing™ to treat the site located in a residential area with buildings ... reinjected back into the biotreatment zone, increasing both safety and efficiency of the butane treatment system. Home | Contact Us | GBI Partners | FAQ | Client Login | About this site 2125 First ...

Global Bio Sciences - Groundwater Remediation
The portability or mobility allows GBI personnel to conduct hot-spot treatment and butane treatment at small release Sites. This new remediation flexibility allows GBI to conduct groundwater treatment in tightly settled or built-up areas by utilizing existing monitoring wells as butane injection wells. For hot-spot treatment, the mobile butane treatment system ... More from this site

IWWS Specializing in dissolved air separators for all types of industrial applications. We specialize in waste water treatment for the ... • Carbon Dioxide • Natural Gas • Hydrogen • Argon • O2 • Naphtha • Butane • H2 • N2 and others. MICROFILTREX Complete offering of disposable and sintered metal ...

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