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Equity Watch Archives- Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
Framework Convention on Climate Change CoP-8 wishlist Drawn into debate The argument for per capita entitlements State of Affairs 2002 A forceful endorsement In a move that is likely to clear ... countries want to monitor their own compliance to the Kyoto Protocol. October 25, 2000 Per capita emissions of nations should converge by 2050, says UK commission The Royal Commission on Environmental ...

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
We then developed the concept of per capita entitlements ó each nationís share of the atmosphere. We said that countries using less than their ... More from this site

CSE- Climate Change Briefing Paper Section
What is needed instead is a framework built on the concept of "equal per capita entitlements". They must insist that ...

CSE- Climate Change Press Releases Section
These problems could be averted if per capita entitlements to the atmosphere are allocated before allowing trading. "Once the ... , director, Centre for Science and Environment, who proposed the per capita route during the early days of the climate convention. The ... their future generations. India has been pushing the issue of entitlements as a prerequisite to any form of trading. A lot ... More from this site

Climate Resources - International Links
CSE has been very strongly advocating per capita emissions entitlements to form the basis for any trading of emissions within the climate change area. Center ...

Securely sustainable
Calories per day, and reduce the number of malnourished children to about 100 million. Agricultural growth alleviates poverty and expands the incomes, employment prospects and entitlements ... incentive structures must be established to promote their sustainable management. The global per capita fish catch has remained unchanged for several years and now seems to be ...

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