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Thylacoleo - Discovering Thylacoleo (page 1)
Thylacoleo - Discovering Thylacoleo (page 1) . - DISCOVERING THYLACOLEO - (page 1) . . THE DISCOVERY OF THYLACOLEO CARNIFEX: Thylacoleo carnifex, which is commonly referred to as the " ... Thylacoleo skulls. A reconstruction of Thylacoleo carnifex. Following will be an explanation of the discovery and interpretation of the various pieces of fossil material which have been found of Thylacoleo carnifex ...

Thylacoleo - The Classification of Thylacoleonids
In a study (1982) Archer and Dawson demonstrated that Thylacoleo carnifex is a senior synonym of Mylodon australis. Thylacoleo oweni McCoy, 1876: The innate difficulties in having to base ... shown by T. carnifex. Thylacoleo oweni is regarded by Archer and Dawson (1982) as a junior synonym of Thylacoleo carnifex. Thylacoleo robustus Krefft, 1872: The name of Thylacoleo robustus was given by Krefft ... More from this site

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