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Thylacoleo - The Classification of Thylacoleonids
Mylodon? australis Krefft, 1870: Krefft found a large, hooded ungual phalanx amongst some of the material collected from the Wellington Caves. It rather resembled that of a South American ground sloth, Mylodon. He assigned the specimen to the genus Mylodon? and made it the type of Mylodon? australis. A short description was published (Krefft 1870a ...

Thylacoleo - References
Pp. 1-12 in "New South Wales Parliamentary Paper". [Extracts concerning Plectodon and Mylodon? australis republished in Mahoney and Ride 1975, p. 199]. KREFFT, G., 1870b. Guide to the Australian ... More from this site

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