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ASM | Mammals of Oregon
W of Cascades exc interior valleys 742, 743 431 tend to be asoicial exc during reproduction Sciuridae Yellow-pine Chipmunk Tamias amoenus common E of Cascades 390 commonly found in ponderosa pine Least Chipmunk Tamias minimus common E of Cascades exc Columbia Basin ...

ASM | Mammals of California
Preble's shrew Sorex preblei > 1200 m in Cascades 416 Marsh shrew Sorex bendirii NW 27 Trowbridge's shrew Sorex trowbridgii N 2/3 exc. C. Val. 2 Merriam's shrew Sorex ... Canis familiaris Common, Introduced Statewide exc high elev Red fox Vulpes vulpes Some populations introduced; native populations uncommon to rare NW Central Valley (introd.); Sierra Nevada & Cascades 435, 436, 582 537 Kit ... More from this site