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Big-Eared Bat Coloring Page
Big-Eared Bat Coloring Page

Living Rivers Grand Canyon Campaign
(X) Muskrat (X) Long-legged myotis bat (SC) Western red bat (SC) Spotted bat (SC) Pale Townsend's big-eared bat (SC) Allen's big-eared bat (SC) Greater Western mastiff bat (SC) INVERTEBRATES Pre-dam insect assemblage ...

ASM | Mammals of Illinois
Essentially nonmigratory and does not hibernate. Vespertilionidae Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat Corynorhinus rafinesquii rare statewide 394(C) (as Plecotus rafinesquii) 69 (as Plecotus rafinesquii ... G) 142 No breeding colonies are known in Alabama. Northern Myotis / Northern Long-eared Myotis Myotis septentrionalis poorly known statewide, except southwestern region 226, 227 (as M. ...

ASM | Mammals of California
Myotis velifer Along Colo R. 149 Long-legged bat Myotis volans Statewide 224 Fringed bat Myotis thysanodes Statewide 137 Long-eared bat Myotis evotis Statewide 732 329 Silver-haired bat Lasionycteris ... 's Long-eared bat Idionycteris phyllotis xtr. S & E 208 Townsend's Long-eared bat Corynorhinus townsendii 2 ssp Special Concern Statewide exc Sierra Nevada 229 175 Pallid bat Antrozous pallidus ... More from this site

ASM | Mammals of North Dakota
Myotis ciliolabrum uncommon northern 1/4 226 547 occurs in rocky habitats Long-eared myotis Myotis evotis common northern 1/5, eastern 1/2 732 329 hibernates in caves ... myotis Myotis volans common western 1/3 224 inhabits open forested lands Townsend's big-eared bat Plecotus townsendii uncommon southwest corner 229(C) 175 hibernates in caves; cavernicolous LAGOMORPHA Leporidae Snowshoe ...

ASM | Mammals of Ohio
(C), 648(S) 105 fossorial CHIROPTERA Molossidae Brazilian free-tailed bat Tadarida baziliensis accidental southwest 1/4 729 331 tail not enclosed by membrane ... bat Nycticeius humeralis uncommon statewide 232 23 frequently found in man-made structures Eastern pipistrelle Pipistrellus subflavus common statewide 38, 654(C) 228 only Ohio bat with 34 teeth Rafinesque's big-eared bat ... More from this site

Bat Photos
Bat Photos Bat Photos Townsends big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii) Photo by Rick Adams Home | Next

Bat Photos
Bat Photos Bat Photos Long-eared Myotis Long-eared Myotis (Myotis evotis) Photo by Rick Adams Home | Previous | Next More from this site

Bat-eared Fox
Bat-eared Fox Bat-eared Fox This little Bat-eared Fox is made by Hansa Plush. The Bat-eared Fox (Otocyon megalotis) lives in Africa. There are two main ... Genus: Otocygon | Species: Megalotis Photo courtesy William M. Ciesla African Wild Dog | Alligator | Antelope | Bat-eared Fox | Camel | Cheetah | Elephants | Fennec Fox | Giraffe | Gorilla | Hippopotamus | Hyena | Lemur | Leopard | Lion | ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Bat-eared Fox
The scientific name for the bat-eared fox is ... Mammals: Bat-eared Fox Range: eastern and southern Africa Habitat: dry, short-grass savannas and brush Listen up! The bat-eared ... bat-eared fox eats grasshoppers, scorpions, spiders, millipedes, rodents, lizards, fruits, and eggs. But insects make up the main part of its diet. Bat-eared ...

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