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EMS - Environmental Entomology - Invertebrate Surveys and Conservation - Bird and Insect Databases
... , fairly tall herbage, overshadowed by tall vegetation, moist and seasonally flooded soils dense leafy thickets largely lowland 0-3000 mainly insects ... /a n/a n/a n/a n/a low dense vegetation or in moist depressions; clay/gravel pits grass and reed ... dense growth of trees and shrubs with some reeds and sedge broadleaf forest, standing or slow-flo freshwater lowlands < 1500 omnivorous; mainly vegetation ...

EMS - Environmental Entomology - Invertebrate Surveys and Conservation - Bird and Insect Databases
Acrocephalus paludicola (Vieillot 1817) Aquatic Warbler in dense vegetation above swampy ground or water, 17cm (3-30cm) above ... per female Acrocephalus palustris (Bechstein 1798) Marsh Warbler tall dense vegetation and low medium scrub 20-200cm above ground ... (Hermann 1804) Reed Warbler in vegetation, over water especially Phragmites reed; also other tall vegetation and low shrubs over ... More from this site

ASM | Mammals of Illinois
Cricetidae Prairie Vole Microtus ochrogaster uncommon north-central Alabama 1160 355 Inhabits areas with dense ... and dense vegetation near marshes, swamps, streams, ponds, and ditches. Cotton Deermouse / Cotton Mouse Peromyscus gossypinus common statewide 677, 678(C) 70 Occurs in dense underbrush ...

ASM | Mammals of Oklahoma
Rock Mouse Peromyscus difficilis Uncommon Extreme western Panhandle (Black Mesa). Primarily found in the Black Mesa area, in higher regions where vegetation is ... Statewide 76, 1177 158 Has spread north from Mexico & Texas. Found in dense grasses or other dense vegetation. White-throated Woodrat Neotoma albigula Uncommon Panhandle 310 Rock canyons & brushy ... More from this site

They have long tails that act like rudders to steer with, and short wings that ...

NMPIF Grassland 1
Distribution: found in appropriate areas throughout the southern two-thirds of the state, ... Cassin's Sparrow Table 2. Chihuahuan Desert Grassland Priority Species: Habitat Factors Species Vegetation Composition/ Structure Abiotic Factors Landscape Factors Special Factors APFA open yucca grasslands with ... More from this site

Monk sake monkey
Sleep on large branches in upper canopy. Shy and quiet; sit motionless on branches in dense vegetation. Live in groups of two to eight, most usually three to four. Life History Produce ...

Scinax rubra
It commonly enters houses. This frog is extremely wary and leaps into dense vegetation or runs across the ground or up trees to avoid capture. Breeding occurs in shallow ... More from this site

USGS National Wetlands Research Center: Coastal Marsh Dieback (Brown Marsh)
Almost 150,000 acres were considered moderately impacted. Research: Understanding ... R. Handley) Aerial Surveys to Document and Monitor Spatial Extent, Changes Over Time, and Vegetation Characteristics of Coastal Marsh Dieback in Louisiana (Dr. Thomas C. Michot) Return to Wetlands ...

USGS National Wetlands Research Center: Press Release 01-003
About 150,000 additional acres are considered moderately affected. No dieback ... More from this site

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