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Toward a Model Sales Agreement for CDM Projects
CDM projects are often being developed by entities which do not have the means to obtain advice ... need to develop an alternative carbon contract template that reflects the interests of developers of CDM projects. The purpose of the new template is to provide publicly available legal documentation that will ...

Landfill Gas CDM Projects: Current Trends and Future Opportunities for Developing Countries
Through the CDM, industrialized countries with GHG reduction obligations under the Protocol can provide financial support for GHG reduction projects in developing countries. Landfill gas (LFG) CDM projects ... and opportunities of LFG CDM projects. To download a PDF (225K) of the entire paper, click on the link below: Landfill Gas CDM Projects: Current Trends and ... More from this site

Equity Watch Archives- Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
Governance: Who's carbon hypocrisy? Should financial institutions be asked to stop funding fossil fuel projects in developing countries? November 17, 2000 Small country, big example St. Lucia shows the way ... (UNEP) when asked if UNEP was working overtime to position itself as a broker for CDM projects November 15, 2000 October Should fat cats guard the cream? Industrialised countries want to monitor ...

CSE: Graduation and deepening: moving climate policy forward
Any country that does not accept graduation would lose the rights to host CDM projects and to receive any funding (GEF, adaptation fund) under the Kyoto Protocol and the Convention ... as China, India and Indonesia do not graduate under this scheme and can use a CDM extended to include policies and sectoral approaches. Axel Michaelowa is with the Hamburg Institute of ... More from this site

Kyoto Protocol. While investors profit from CDM projects by obtaining reductions at costs lower than in their own countries, the gains to the ... absence of the CDM project. This includes afforestation and reforestation projects, which lead to the sequestration of carbon dioxide. At COP-7, it was decided that the following types of projects would qualify ...

CDM Projects endorsed for further development by Government of India Government of India has been willing to fulfill its responsibility under the CDM. It has developed an interim criterion for approval of CDM ... Strategy Study on CDM is scheduled to start in month of October 2002. India has been actively participating in the CDM regime and has already endorsed six projects for further development. ... More from this site

CDM Financing workshop to assist the management of CDM projects. - Providing information and raising awareness on CDM Providing comprehensive and useful information on CDM in Asia for project developers and investors to promote effective CDM ...

CDM activities: FY2007
FY2007 In FY 2007, the CDM programme implemented its activities in host countries, organised training workshops for government officials to prepare the approval procedure for CDM projects, and initiated study groups ... 2007 Nonthaburi, Thailand Workshop for DNA officials 3 Mar. 2008 Bangkok, Thailand Workshop for CDM project development in Surat Thani 6-7 Mar.2008 Surat Thani, Thailand | HOME | About ... More from this site

the carbon market :: standards and registries :: our projects : origination : low carbon technologies :: ClimateCare
VERs. Support – Provide additional confidence to the market to invest in potential CDM projects that may fail or experience delayed accreditation due to technicalities in the CDM process. Communicate - by actively seeking real stories in projects that engage local people ...

standards and registries :: our projects : origination : low carbon technologies :: ClimateCare
Renewables, industrial & domestic energy efficiency, industrial gases, methane capture, afforest. & reforest. Gold Standard CDM (GS CERs) As above Backed by 40+ NGOs & charities. As CDM but ... . Based on CDM but without need to take through CDM Board. Strong sustainable development & community consultation element. Where possible we use the GS VER, though projects to this standard ... More from this site

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