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Endangered and Threatened Species Factsheets - Fish - WDNR
(H) Skipjack Herring Alosa chrysochloris (D) Crystal Darter Crystallaria asprella (D) Gravel Chub Erimystax x-punctatus (D) Bluntnose Darter Etheostoma chlorosomum (D) Starhead Topminnow Fundulus ... D) Longear Sunfish Lepomis megalotis (H) Redfin Shiner Lythrurus umbratilis (D) Speckled Chub Macrhybopsis aestivalis (H) River Redhorse Moxostoma carinatum (H) Greater Redhorse Moxostoma valenciennesi (H ...

Species at Risk in Kansas
Chub Macrhybopsis tetranema Endangered none Redspot Chub Nocomis asper Threatened none Sicklefin Chub Macrhybopsis meeki Endangered none Silver Chub Macrhybopsis storeriana Endangered none Silverband Shiner Notropis shumardi Threatened none Sturgeon Chub Macrhybopsis ...

Fishes of Kansas
Shiner - Cyprinella spiloptera Common Carp - Cyprinus carpio* Gravel Chub - Erimystax x-punctatus Western Silvery Minnow - Hybognathus argyritis ... Lythrurus umbratilis Sturgeon Chub - Macrhybopsis gelida Shoal Chub - Macrhybopsis hyostoma Sicklefin Chub - Macrhybopsis meeki Silver Chub - Macrhybopsis storeriana Peppered Chub - Macrhybopsis tetranema Redspot Chub - Nocomis asper Hornyhead Chub - ... More from this site

Speckled Chub - WDNR
Speckled Chub - WDNR Program Search Home About Topics Contact Us Endangered Resources Online Donation Center Support Endangered ... Fish Related Pages Endangered Resources Natural Heritage Inventory Working List Animals, Plants, & Natural Communities Speckled Chub (Macrhybopsis aestivalis) Status: State Threatened (1979). Occurrence: The Mississippi River north to its confluence with the ...