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Restoration of Fish Communities of the Illinois River FISH ECOLOGY Reproductive characteristics of the slim minnow Pimephales tenellus LARGE RIVER ECOLOGY Long Term Monitoring - Upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers Illinois River Electrofishing ...

Fishes of Kansas
Western Silvery Minnow - Hybognathus argyritis Brassy Minnow - Hybognathus hankinsoni Plains Minnow - Hybognathus placitus Bighead ... Minnow - Opsopoeodus emiliae Suckermouth Minnow - Phenacobius mirabilis Southern Redbelly Dace - Phoxinus erythrogaster Bluntnose Minnow - Pimephales notatus Fathead Minnow - Pimephales promelas Slim Minnow - Pimephales tenellus Bullhead Minnow - Pimephales ...