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ECNT » Current Campaigns » Other » Toxics & Waste - Nuclear Waste Dump
Commonwealth radioactive waste dump in the Northern Territory . We believe there are many reasons why the Commonwealth radioactive waste dump should not be located in the NT. These reasons include: The Commonwealth ...

ECNT » Media Releases » Other » 2005 Proposed NT nuclear waste dump
Urged to visit the NT and hear from local communities. The Environment Centre of the Northern Territory (ECNT) says the new Federal Minister responsible for the proposed Commonwealth radioactive waste dump in the NT, Hon. Julie Bishop, should not accept her predecessor’s pronouncement that a dump would be ... More from this site

Nuclear Colonialism - Native Energy Campaign
Fuel Storage (PFS) high-level radioactive waste dump in Utah. Opening of this dump would initiate the transportation of thousands of casks of high-level radioactive waste across the nation, putting ... prevent radioactivity from leaking into the soil, water, and air. Oscar Shirani, former Commonwealth Edison/Exelon lead quality assurance inspector and nuclear safety whistleblower, has questioned ...

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