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ECNT Current Campaigns Other Toxics & Waste - Nuclear Waste Dump
Lucas Heights reactors in Sydney, NOT for hospital waste and other low-level waste. These reprocessed spent fuel rods are amongst the most highly ... . ECNT on 8981 1984 for a copy. $29.95 each. » PDF Downloads: Spent Nuclear Fuel - Reprocessing and Repositories. A report by Jim Green, National Nulcear Campaigner, Friends of ...

U.S. Warns North Korea Against Nuclear Test - New York Times
Yongbyon. The construction there may suggest that preparations are being made to remove spent nuclear fuel rods from the reactor, which was turned off more than a month ago. "It's ... report. "It's not clear if this construction is related to the rods or not." If the rods are reprocessed, they could yield enough plutonium for a couple of new nuclear weapons, officials ...