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Mercury Policy Project
Mercury Emissions in the U.S. Fact sheet on common known sources of mercury pollution. Car Lights Contain Mercury Press release from MPP Mercury Sources Power plants top the list. Mercury Control Options for Coal-Fired Power Plants Advocacy Efforts The EPA Mercury Report ...

Mercury Policy Project
EPA standard. Exposure to mercury comes predominantly from fish consumption. The Mercury Study Report to Congress released ... levels of mercury in the environment have been rising significantly over the past century due to combustion of mercury bearing fuels (coal) and waste. Many consumer products contain mercury which when ... More from this site

Mercury in Households
Where is Mercury Found in the Home? What to Do With Mercury-Containing Thermometers What to Do If There is a Mercury Spill Other Products That Contain Mercury Listed below are Web ... of environments where mercury can be found, a checklist for safe mercury disposal, and Sweden’s prohibition of the use of certain products that contain mercury. Full Title: Automotive Mercury Switch Recycling Project ...

Mercury in Schools
Conducting a Mercury Audit Full Title: Mercury ... More from this site

Mercury | US EPA
CFLs contain mercury. View frequent questions about CFLs and mercury (PDF) (2 pp., 71K, About PDF) Broken a CFL, other fluorescent light bulb or mercury thermometer? Find out how to clean up mercury spills, and how to dispose of mercury- containing items you've found in your home. Learn which other consumer products may contain mercury ...

Safe Mercury Management | Wastes | US EPA
Contain Mercury and Recommended Management Options Top of Page Local Navigation Mercury Home Basic Information Where You Live Frequent Questions Spills, Disposal & Cleanup Fish Consumption Advisories EPA's Roadmap for Mercury ... More from this site

School Health: Mercury in Schools: Environmental Health in Minnesota
Some polyurethane-based gymnasium floorings also contain mercury, which may vaporize into the air and reach levels of health concern. The ... had an average 4.7 pounds of mercury per school. To assist schools with preventing and reducing mercury exposures, the MPCA established the Mercury Free Zone Program Attention: Non-MDH link ...

Fluorescent Lights and Mercury
Mercury Containing Lamps Full Work Author: INFORM Inc. Abstract: Fluorescent, compact fluorescent, low-pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps contain mercury. Facilities can improve energy efficiency and reduce mercury consumption by purchasing and installing energy-efficient lamps with the lowest mercury amount. ...

Mercury In King County:Products Containing Mercury
Medicine and pharmaceuticals. "Mercury in Drug and Biologic Products" (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) lists pharmaceuticals and medicines that contain mercury. Laboratory compounds. "Removing mercury from hospital labs" (Sustainable Hospitals) discusses how mercury ...

Mercury In King County: Which Lamps Have Mercury?
They must be recycled. Fluorescent tubes: linear tubes 1 - 8 feet long, including the T-12 and T-8. Low mercury ... More from this site

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