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Mercury Policy Project
Actions Taken to Reduce Mercury Emissions and Protect Americans from Mercury Exposure. Released one year after the EPA released its 1400-page report to congress, 12/98 Mercury Emissions in the U.S. Fact sheet on common known sources of mercury pollution. Car Lights Contain Mercury Press release from MPP Mercury Sources Power plants top the list. Mercury Control ...

Mercury Policy Project
The Clean Air Network has a bibliography of recent works on mercury emissions, transport, and health effects. Contained in their report "Turn Up the Heat on ... Mercury Center For Healthcare Environmental Management (CHEM) Healthcare Hazardous Materials Management newsletter February 1996 610 825-6000 _____ GONE FISHING: How the Failure to Reduce Mercury Emissions ... More from this site

New Rules Project - Environment - Mercury Pollution Rules
Btu (0.6 lb/tBtu) or a 90% efficiency in technology installed to control mercury emissions. Implementing the proposed Connecticut standard nationwide would result in an 85% reduction in mercury emissions. More... Mercury ...

Mercury - General Information
Mercury Best Management Practices Web Sites and Fact Sheets Mercury Projects and Programs Mercury in North Carolina Mercury in Industry-Specific Sectors Mercury Reduction Options U.S. EPA pages Mercury Emissions ...

Mercury - FAQs
In the United States, coal-fired power plants are the biggest source of mercury emissions to the air. Today, mercury ... mercury-containing fluorescent lamps U.S. EPA Mercury Pages Region 5 - Auto Mercury Switch Removal Information includes how to find, remove and replace mercury switches used in vehicle convenience lighting. Mercury: ... More from this site

Mercury - Home
... mercury found in the home (including how to clean up a mercury spill), information on mercury found in schools, information on the health effects of mercury, mercury emissions, how to perform a mercury audit, and mercury ...

Mercury | US EPA
Mercury News • May 2008: EPA has completed a study to better characterize fugitive mercury emissions from chlorine manufactures that use mercury cell technology. Study findings show that mercury emissions ...

Mercury Information and Resources
Mercury Information and Resources HOME PRODUCTS TRAINING SUPPORT STORE SEARCH SOFTWARE AUSTAL View CALPUFF View CALRoads View CAM View EcoRisk View Emissions View IRAP-h View ISC-AERMOD View ... Mercury Study prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that provides an assessment of the magnitude of U.S. mercury emissions by source, the health and environmental implications of those emissions ...

Mercury Speciation
This allocation is: Consistent with mercury emissions ... More from this site

Mercury - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Mercury Reduction Agreement Progress Report Xcel Energy Voluntary Mercury Reduction Agreement Progress Reports Appendix C: Minnesota Strategies to Reduce Mercury Emissions Estimated Mercury Emissions in Minnesota for 1990, 1995, & 2000: March 2004 Update Mercury Emissions ...

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