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Mercury Policy Project
Released by a coalition of US and Canadian environmental groups one year after governors and premiers signed their Mercury Action Plan, 6/99. An ... for inclusion in their regional mercury action plan, Spring 1998. Mercury Product Phase-Out Alternatives to common mercury-containing products. Model State Legislature Healthcare Mercury Management in Healthcare An open ...

Mercury Policy Project
Mercury Action Plan; and, WHEREAS, the NEG/ECP is well on its way to meeting the 50% reduction goal outlined in the plan ... management of mercury in products and in the wastestream and encouraged coordinated action; and, WHEREAS, the New England states are uniquely suited to implementing certain aspects of the plan on a ... More from this site

Mercury Policy Project
Mercury Action Plan's objective of achieving the "maximum economically and technically feasible reductions in mercury emissions from utilities and other boilers" (Recommendation 11, NEG/ECP Mercury Action Plan ...

NW Regional P2 Roundtable - 11/02 - Digest
MERCURY MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND DRIVERS FOR CHANGE Speaker: Mike Gallagher, Washington State Department of Ecology, Olympia, Washington Phone: (360) 407-6868, On: Washington's Mercury Action Plan: Status of 11/13/02. The Washington State Departments of Health and Ecology have worked jointly on this plan. Mr. Gallagher discussed why mercury was ...

Mercury - General Information
Full Title: Merc Concern: Mercury ...

Wisconsin Mercury SourceBook
The SourceBook provides a seven step outline for drafting a reduction plan, and contains source identification materials for nineteen sectors of a community, including case studies, product alternatives, and action ideas for each sector. It is intended for use by anyone involved in drafting a reduction plan for mercury, including sewerage districts ... More from this site

Waste - What can you do - Global Action Plan
Many older types of battery contain potentially harmful metals like mercury and cadmium, and there are so many different sizes and types of batteries that ... Network or the Composting Association. Disclaimer Complaints Text only Accessibility Site map © Global Action Plan 2007/08 - Registered charity 1026148 Head Office - 8 Fulwood Place, London WC1V 6HG Tel. ...

Toxins and Environmental Health : Mercury
Water Action Alliance of Minnesota in Minneapolis. PRINTABLE VERSION IEN Joins the Mercury-Free Minnesota Campaign Working Towards a Minnesota Mercury Phase Out. Mercury ... Mercury thermometers and your families health; How to plan and hold a mercury fever thermometer exchange; Thermometer Fact Sheet; Informational booklets, etc. Go To: Holding a Mercury Thermometer Exchange Program. Holding a Mercury ...

Mercury In King County:Products Containing Mercury
Mercury You are in: HazWaste Mercury General Information Products Containing Mercury Products Containing Mercury Mercury is used in many products and applications. The Washington State Mercury Chemical Action Plan describes all sources of mercury in Washington, including products. A 'Mercury ...

Mercury In King County: Releases
The Washington State Mercury Chemical Action Plan (Washington State Department of Ecology, 2003) describes the sources of mercury ... More from this site

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