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Pollution Probe - Publications Mercury
Download this report in PDF format (284KB) Case Study: Standards for Mercury-containing Products May ... ) on mercury containing products and alternatives. The findings show that hospitals will likely save money by phasing-out the use of mercury products and diminishing the related mercury handling and ...

Mercury - General Information
Each category covers the feasibility of eliminating the mercury-containing products and offers reduction options. Full Title: Developing a Comprehensive Mercury ...

Mercury in Schools
Conducting a Mercury Audit Full Title: Mercury ... More from this site

MedlinePlus: Mercury
Mercury is in many products. Metallic mercury is used in thermometers, dental fillings and batteries. Mercury salts may be used in skin creams and ointments. It's also used in many industries. Mercury ... Drinking Water and Mercury(Environmental Protection Agency) Mercury and Vaccines (Thimerosal) Mercury-Containing Products(Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Solid Waste) Mercury: Spills, ...

Safe Mercury Management | Wastes | US EPA
Mercury Safe Mercury Management Safe Mercury Management Safe Mercury Management Information SMM Home Basic Information Medical/Dental Wastes Car Switches Collection/Recycling Schools Mercury-Containing Products ...

Schools and Mercury | Mercury | US EPA
EPA, states, and local communities have developed a number of educational videos. Mercury in Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) and Other Consumer Products CFLs and Other Mercury-Containing ... or other fluorescent bulb breaks Other Consumer Products Management/disposal options Related links about mercury-containing products What to do if a mercury thermometer breaks The following Web sites ... More from this site

Mercury - Health and Environmental Effects
Mercury Full Title: Mercury-Containing Waste Full Work Author: Florida Department of Waste Management Abstract: This Web site provides a technical description of how mercury affects human health, offers many fact sheets on mercury-containing products ...

Mercury - Government Projects
... mercury alternatives, such as digital thermometers; to promote recycling of mercury-containing products that continue to be used, such as fluorescent lamps; and to reduce the potential for mercury ... More from this site

Mercury Home Page, Division of Environmental Health - WA State Dept. of Health
This site outlines the problems mercury can cause with steps you can take to be safe. For further information, select from the categories below. Mercury ...

Mercury In King County: Medical Equipment
Disposal In King County, it is illegal to put mercury-containing products into the garbage, trash or ‘Red Bag’ (biomedical waste). When discarded, mercury-containing devices must be returned to the manufacturer, sent to a mercury reclamation ...

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