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Shark Predation on Sable Island seals
Isurus oxyrinchus sharks recorded elsewhere. Also, occurrence of the corkscrew wound peaks during ... and tooth structure of various sharks suggested that the species responsible for the corkscrew wound might be the Greenland shark Somniosus microcephalus. Discussions with Jack Casey and Wes ...

Shark predation 4
Shark predation 4 The second basic wound pattern, called "corkscrew" (to distinguish it from the "slash"), is the type most often seen on shark-killed ... More from this site

Newsroom: Florida Panther Reported Deaths
Roy McBride and FWC Panther Biologist Mark Lotz concluded that the gun short wound was an old injury and was not the cause of death. April 12 FP104 A ... was estimated to be 3 years old when captured on December 19, 2007 north of Corkscrew Road. The cause of death is suspected to be intraspecific aggression given concurrent locations of ...