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SCS: Ribbon Seal (Phoca fasciata)
Predators of the ribbon seal include the killer whale, Greenland shark and polar bear. Statistics Adult ribbon seals of both sexes measure an average 1.6m ...

Shark Predation on Sable Island seals
Greenland shark Somniosus microcephalus. Discussions with Jack Casey and Wes Pratt (Apex Predators Group, NMFS) and review of historical documents supported this theory, and interviews with Nova Scotian fishermen confirmed that Greenland ...

ENN: Wildlife
Scientists researching how far sharks hunt seals in the Arctic were stunned in June to find part of the jaw of a young polar bear in the stomach of a Greenland shark ... maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems. Predators as Prey: Why Healthy Oceans Need Sharks shows that as shark populations decline, the oceans suffer unpredictable and devastating consequences. Whale playground offers glimpse into ...

Shark predation 5
Shark predation 5 The upper and lower teeth in the jaws of a Greenland shark. The upper teeth are small and thorn-like - like teeth designed for grasping rather than for cutting.

Marine program scheduled Sunday
Sea and the South Pacific. He has filmed footage of the Greenland shark under the ice in the Arctic and rare shark-mating behavior in the Gulf of Mexico. He has more than ...

Sir Sidney Frederic Harmer F.R.S.
... proposed new Challenger Expedition; Miscellaneous scientific letters and notes on eels, cultured pearls, and the Greenland Shark. National Marine Biological Library 2003-6 | Terms and Conditions

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Ready or not, Here it Comes! Coping with Climate Change - Sila
There are already a few species up north, like the Greenland Shark. Quite harmless really. I've watched your ancestors catch these with their bare hands... Ryan ... More from this site

Greenland shark) Somniosus pacificus (Pacific sleeper shark) Somniosus rostratus (little sleeper shark) Somniosus sp. (longnose sleeper shark ...

ENN: Polar bear eaten by shark: who's top predator?
Greenland shark education and research group. Sonja Fordham, deputy chair of the shark specialist group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, said more research was needed into the Greenland shark's habits. "Greenland ... said. Gallant said warming was unlikely to help the Greenland shark catch bears. "The Greenland shark simply cannot afford the risk of injury nor the expenditure ...

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