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President's Council on Sustainable Development SDI
Characteristic: Amount of Money Spent Graduation Rate (57) Definition: high school graduation rates and number of students going on to college or vocational training Issue ... : Expenditures Expenditures Characteristic: Amount of Money Spent Violent Crime Rate (30) Definition: violent crime rates Issue: Social Cohesion/Crime SDI Framework Element: Human Relationships Human Relationships Characteristic ...

Social Services SDI Inventory
SDI: Infant Mortality Economic Group (37 PCSD) Definition: infant mortality rates by economic group Issue: Health/Health Care Equity Length of ... Crime Rate (449 SDI Group) Definition: Overall crime rate for the United States Issue: Social Cohesion/Crime Human Relationships Characteristic: Number of Crimes Violent Crime Rate (30 PCSD) Definition: violent crime rates Issue: Social Cohesion/Crime ... More from this site

Criminal Victimization 2002
Though all groups experienced significant decreases in property crime over time, some experienced greater declines in rates than others. For example, property crime rates ...

Global Dimensions of Lead Hit Home in Australia, the World's Largest Lead Producer
Rick Nevin - "Research Links Childhood Lead Exposure to Changes in Violent Crime Rates Throughout the 20th Century" [see] noting that ...

Lead, Violence, Guns and Petrol LEAD Action News Vol 8 No 2 Contents
Petrol Contents Editorial Disclaimer - Acknowledgments Research Links Childhood Lead Exposure to Changes in Violent Crime Rates Throughout the 20th Century (PDF Format) The full text is available in Environmental Research, May ... More from this site

Community Solutions: Third Annual U.S. Conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions
Murphy said. "With high crime rates, record high incarceration, continuing environmental degradation, soil depletion, growing inequity, deteriorating health, and the loss ...

SBN Feature Article: March 1999
The SDI Group gave equal consideration to the ...

Drug Abuse in America: 2001
There were no changes in rates of drug use among adults aged 26 or older between 2000 and 2001. The ... (Figure 2.13). Completely rural nonmetropolitan counties had lower rates of illicit drug use than other types of nonmetropolitan counties. Rates were 4.8 percent in completely rural counties and ...

Capital Punishment 2000
Opponents argue that that high rates of error in the criminal justice system make it quite possible to execute someone who ... irrevocable and can be inflicted on the innocent. It has never been shown to deter crime more effectively than other punishments God and the Death Penalty: Asserts the death penalty is ...

Drug Related Crime
Summary of relationship between drugs and crime Drugs/crime relationship Definition Examples Drug-defined offenses Violations of laws prohibiting or regulating the ... example further illustrates the difficulties of estimating drug-related homicides. Drug-related homicide rates as defined using differing criteria in four cities, 1990 Percentage drug-related City ... More from this site

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