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Criminal Victimization 2002
Annual household income Overall property crime rates did not differ by annual household income. However, the relationship between annual household income and property crime rates did vary by specific types of property crime ...

The Primitivist Critique of Civilization
This process ... Top Down? In the most primitive human societies there are no leaders, bosses, politics, laws, crime, or taxes. There is often little division of labor between women and men, and where ...

Pirate Utopias (Do or Die)
Indeed, Lord Vaughan, Governor of Jamaica, wrote: "These Indyes are so ... ' with one another, where if one died the other got his property. Pirate articles also commonly included a form of mutual aid where ... to these merry men of the seven seas was brutal - the crime of piracy carried the death sentence. The early years of the ... More from this site

California, Southern California & Los Angeles News - LATimes
Sections More Classifieds | Real Estate | | Jobs California | Local SEARCH Crime Education Politics Environment Immigration Traffic O.C. Valley Inland Empire You are here: LAT Home > California | Local > Crime and Courts More than 40 sheriff's reserve badges ... is arrested on suspicion of cultivating marijuana on his property and on that of a neighboring... more Two men ...

Before the Civil War, most blacks were slaves–someone’s private property. Crime and justice for slaves was largely defined and administered on plantations by landowners. The official ... an iron-fisted approach to criminal justice issues. For too many, the unspoken issue of crime and punishment is still a question of "what to do about the Negroes." Can race ...

Drug Related Crime
Summary of relationship between drugs and crime Drugs/crime relationship Definition Examples Drug-defined offenses Violations of laws prohibiting or regulating ... .9 Assault 13.8 24.2 Other 15.9 29.0 Property offenses 10.8 36.6 Burglary * 38.4 Larceny/theft * 38. ... 3 5 Sexual assault 0 2 Robbery 27 27 Assault 2 6 Property offenses 9 27 Burglary 32 30 Larceny/theft 13 31 Fraud ...

Gang-Related Crime
Prevention leadership pointed out it should not be assumed that "indicators of general crime and indicators of gang crime go hand-in-hand." For example, Los Angeles recorded 1,077 homicides ... Gang Survey, 2002). Gang-affiliated inmates were more likely to be involved in drug trafficking, property destruction, and other misconduct (The Influence of Prison Gang Affiliation on Violence and Other Prison ... More from this site

Latest news on empty property issues
England. Empty homes initiative - 4th December 2007 Gloucestershire ... - UK Should I be worried that an empty property will attract crime? This is a major problem. Once a little ... properties due to owners 'not knowing their options' - 3rd September 2007 Property Industry News - London,England,UK ... the Empty Homes Agency (EHA ...

As we know, none of these cities has taken the step to shift taxes from property improvements and onto land values ... property taxes for several years or after numerous complaints by other residents will government move to take the property at a tax sale. What happens then only makes the situation worse: the property ...

Land Ownership Land Rights Private Property
The rest of us would ... the right to enter a public place which is not anyone's private property for any valid reason. Normally the original owner of a thing is ... important first step is to establish that land ownership is as surely a crime as slavery was and that the end of land ownership is as ... More from this site

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