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IC36 - Toward a Sustainable World Order
Co-ops and Cooperation by David Thompson Keys to a healthy cooperative economy, plus Japan's Cooperative Movement A Globe of Villages an interview with David Morris, by Sarah van Gelder A world of self-reliant but interconnected communities, rather than a huge, homogenized global culture, holds the most promise. Global Integration; Global Rule by David ...

New Rules Project - Act Now for a Democratic Information Network in Minneapolis
Broadband RFP Ten Myths About A Publicly Owned Information Network in Minneapolis, and the Facts David Morris and Becca Vargo Daggett on municipal broadband - December 6, 2005, Wendy Wilde Show, Air America ...

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) - Home Page
Plastics Initiative - posted June 24, 2008 Electric Cars Are the Key to Energy Independence - By David Morris, published on AlterNet, August 2, 2008 A response to Al Gore's recent speech proposing ... consumers. View Executive Summary and Download the full report Podcast of Driving Our Way author, David Morris, on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday Program - May 23, 2008 Ethanol and Land Use Changes ...

New Rules Project - The Home Town Advantage and Big Box Swindle Books
David Morris.

EVSC GSA Homepage
... meredith higbie co-chair mah2ms ami riscassi treasurer 8lr8m dave lutz social co-chair dal2y david morris social co-chair djm7k tba ambassador to faculty tba grad student coucil rep. luke cole ...

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) - Press Center
Chance: The Case for Corn-Based Fuel - by David Morris, published on AlterNet June 1, 2007 Greed, yes; public good, no - by David Morris, published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune May 20, 2007 ... breaks where credits are due - by David Morris, published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune March 12, 2007 Cap and Tax, Don't Cap and Trade - by David Morris, published on AlterNet February 23, 2007 ...

New Rules Project - Designing Rules As If Community Matters
Energy Independence Updating our pathbreaking 2003 report, this April 2008 report by David Morris describes how commercially available technologies today could transform our petroleum powered transportation system ... between ILSR's David Morris and Paul Krugman from the New York Times - held in front of 1000+ people in Minneapolis, MN, November 6, 2007 Electric Avenue - by David Morris, Travel+ ...

The Biofuels FAQs: Overview
... the conclusion is unmistakable. The pendulum is swinging back to a biological economy.” – David Morris, The Carbohydrate Economy © 2007 Energy Future Coalition, All Rights Reserved

Energy Future Coalition
Renewable Energy Access August 2005 The Carbohydrate Economy, Biofuels, and the Net Energy Debate By David Morris, Institute for Local Self-Reliance March 24, 2005 The 500-Mile-Per-Gallon Solution By ... More from this site

Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae name: David Morris date of birth: 1954 occupation: Single parent/ McLibel Defendant relevance: Defendant previous experience: After leaving ...

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