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IMPACT Press: Article: "From Earth Day to Ecological Society" -- April-May '04
Eisler describes how a peaceful and egalitarian "partnership model" of social organization was gradually eclipsed by a violent and hierarchical "dominator model" imposed by nomadic bands onto the Neolithic cultures in ... of Our Domination of Nature and Each Other (1993), traces the origins of such a "dominator model" further back to the demise of hunting and gathering cultures and the rise of ...

In societies adhering closely to the dominator model, we find top-down authoritarianism (strong-man rule), ... feminine values such as caring and nonviolence (which are considered "unmanly" in the dominator model) are highly regarded, whether they are embodied in women or men. We also ...

Spiritual Courage
So dominator morality has to justify the suppression of moral sensitivity -- not only toward "out- ... and the voice projecting onto God the accumulated cruelty, violence, and pain inherent in a dominator model of relations. Once we become more aware of this difference, we can more effectively ... More from this site

Nurture Capital -- A New Paradigm For Business
Dominator Capital" in contrast to Nurture Capital. The following table indicates some attributes that distinguish these expressions: Element Dominator Capital Nurture Capital Communication ... to the firm's environment. A New Model of Enterprise As the command (hierarchical) model is superceded by the cybernetic (latticework) model, we have identified additional channels of ...

In Business, Creating Sustainable Enterprises & Communities
Earth Community based on a radically democratic partnership model of organizing human relationships. This awakening gives us cause for hope. There are those who ... 's false promises and engage the work of turning our cultures, economies, and politics from dominator to partnership relations. THE CULTURAL TURNING The Great Turning begins with a cultural and spiritual ...

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