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Pioneer Millworks - Reclaimed Douglas Fir
Reclaimed Douglas Fir News About Us Flooring Gallery Engineered Floor Timbers Mantles & Siding Millwork Contact Reclaimed Douglas Fir This old growth Douglas fir has plenty of signs of its previous life. ... a different look, try Australian Jarrah TYPE OF WOOD -----SOFTWOODS----- Antique Heart Pine Douglas Fir Mixed Softwoods Pines -----HARDWOODS----- Ash Autumn Woods Beech Chestnut Grey Elm Hickory ...

Yellowstone Fires
This can lead to large scale fires in which even trees like the Douglas fir that often survives smaller fires can burn. Causes ..|.. Effects . Glossary | Related Links | References | PBL Model ...

North America stretch from the redwoods of northern California to the Sitka spruce and Douglas fir of southeastern Alaska. How to utilize these natural resources has become a subject of intense ... More from this site

Graham Hill Road Widening Project
For instance, one 8ft. diameter Douglas Fir is described as possible old growth!! in the planning document. This tree was old growth ...

A Plea For The Ancient Forest! (flying squirrel)
I'm sitting 150 feet up between the massive trunks of two magnificent old growth Douglas Fir trees and one old Hemlock. This 96 total acres of publicly owned, rare, low-elevation ...

A Woman of Strength and courage and wisdom
Nola and for months I lived at Fall Creek, 207 feet up an old growth Douglas Fir named Fanghorn who is about 600 years old. We are here protecting these precious trees ... More from this site

Royal Forestry Society of England, Wales and Northern Ireland Home Page
Yew Others Naturalised Horse chestnut Norway spruce Sweet chestnut Sycamore Walnut Newcomers Corsican pine Douglas fir Larches Leyland Cypress Lodge pole pine London plane Poplars Redwoods Others Amenity Forests & Woods Forests ...

Douglas-fir Douglas-fir The Douglas-fir is one of the largest of Canada's conifers. It grows from 60 to 100 ... its associates, western hemlock, amabilis fir, western redcedar and grand fir. Old Douglas-fir trees are particularly resistant to fire damage, and the Douglas fir quickly regenerates after forest fires. Douglas-fir is found on a variety of ...

Douglas-fir model for South island of New Zealand
Douglas-fir model for South island of New Zealand

Home page for the College of Forestry, Oregon State University
News Family Honors Nat Giustina With $4-Million Gift for Two OSU Professorships Douglas-fir: A 350-foot-long Drinking Straw is As Long As It Gets College of Forestry ...

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