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ECHO: Networking Global Hunger Solutions
Sweet potato, corn and possibly rice are wet season alternatives. Sorghum, a grain more drought tolerant than corn, is preferred over corn in drier regions. Possible fruit crops include mango, passion ...

ECHO: Networking Global Hunger Solutions
Sorghum, a drought tolerant species, is preferred over corn in semi-arid regions. Millet is more suitable than corn or sorghum in regions of severe droughts. Drought resistant melon crops such ... bean are also useful dryland species. Dryland farmers employ a variety of techniques to offset drought. A Chapin bucket drip irrigation system is demonstrated here in some of the beds. Many ... More from this site by Betrock Information Systems - The Center of your World is Everywhere

Sourcebook Practical Turf
The following turf types are listed from the most to the least drought tolerant Buffalo grass is a native prairie grass which reaches a maximum ... a darker green color. Bermuda grass is the most commonly used drought-tolerant grass in Texas. It is available as seed or sod and ... Augustine grass is best for use in shady spots. It has poor drought and freeze tolerance. It is available only as sod, and if ...

Sourcebook Efficient Irrigation
After this time, a Xeriscape landscape may require no irrigation unless it is a drought period. Unless there are large expanses of non-native turf and other thirsty plants, some ... follow-up package. 6. Water only when plants need it and water deeply. Deep, more drought tolerant root systems will develop from a weekly deep soaking. Irrigate in the coolest part of ... More from this site

Screening of cowpea, bambara groundnut and AMARANTHUS germplasm for drought tolerance and testing of the selected plant material in participatation with targeted communities
It was also noticed that the different species reacted differently to a drought stress. Some of the selections out performed the control drought tolerant lines, indicating the successful identification of increased drought tolerance in the ...

Drought Resistant GM Rice Toxic?
Recently, transgenic rice modulated in the polyamine biosynthetic pathway has been found to be drought tolerant [2, 3]. Polyamines are carbon chains containing two or more amine (NH 2 ) groups. ... and spermine by increased SAMDC enzyme. The exact mechanism by which increased putrescine increases drought resistance is not fully understood but it is clear that elevated putrescine levels activate ...

The Rainwater Harvesting Community ::
Designed to be a "Model Florida Yard," Florida House showcases the use of native and drought-tolerant plants, xeriscaping, rainwater harvesting, pervious walkways, and other ways to reduce detrimental run-off ... , while also using the arts to celebrate the aesthetic properties of water. Montana, Idaho Drought to ContinueÂ… Could Harvesting Rain Help? by Doug Pushard Low snowpack levels currently being ...

Groundwater Glossary: The Groundwater Foundation
Artesian aquifer: See confined aquifer. ... , etc. Drawdown: A lowering of the groundwater level caused by pumping. Drought: An extended period with little or no precipitation; often ... friendly form of landscaping that uses a variety of indigenous and drought-tolerant plants, shrubs, and ground cover. Y Z A B ...

Natural Investigate: Drought
Xeriscaping, which involves planting drought-tolerant species, is becoming increasingly popular in the dry western United States. In ... au National Drought Mitigation Center NOAA Climate Prediction Center NOAA Drought Information Center NOAA Hydrologic Information Center - Drought ...

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