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Science and the Environment Bulletin: Project Gives Electric Vehicles a Boost
The Montréal 2000 Electric Vehicle Project, which began in January 1999, is the first effort of its kind in Canada ... EVs. Environment Canada reported on findings for the first year of project at the 17th Electric Vehicle Symposium in Montréal in October. Data obtained show that EV usage increases with availability and ...

Driving Our Way to Energy Independence - commentary on flex-fuel, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
The key technology, the hybrid electric vehicle, was introduced in 2002 in ... electric transportation system. A transformed transportation system can restructure electric power networks and agriculture. Hundreds of thousands of locally owned wind turbines and solar electric arrays, supplying a family plug-in hybrid vehicle ...

New Rules Project - Democratic Energy - Flexible Fueled, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)
Becomes First State to Endorse an Electric-Alcohol Strategy - ILSR press release, June 8, 2006 Full Text of Minnesota's Flexible Fueled, plug-in hybrid vehicle law [HF 3718] - enacted May 31, 2006 Original Flex-Fuel, Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Legislation - introduced in Minnesota legislature, March 20, 2006. Turn on the Electric Road - by ... More from this site

Electric Vehicles - EVs
ELECTRIC VEHICLES Electric Vehicle Background Electric vehicles (EVs) have been around for a very long time. In the early 1900s, there were more electric vehicles than gasoline-powered cars. The vehicle ...

Electric Auto Association - Electric Vehicle Information
There are numerous resources to learn about Electric Vehicles. A few of the ones we recommend: Electric Vehicle Information Flyers Electric Vehicle Technical Papers Your local EAA chapter The EAA Newsletter EV online forums EV charging information How to buy an EV The Production Electric Vehicle ...

Electric Auto Association - Electric Vehicle Charging
Electric Auto Association - Electric Vehicle Charging Home About Us Purpose Membership Contact EVents EAA Chapters EAA News EV Information EV  ... fast level 2 EV charging. Local conversion EVs, nEVs (neighborhood EVs), LSV (electric Low Speed Vehicles), golf cars / carts, Electric bikes and scooters benefit from an inexpensive common 120 VAC 20 amp ... More from this site

A Student's Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles - Electric Vehicles
How Do Electric Vehicles Work? Electric vehicles (like the Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle above on the left ... do some shopping like the Ford Th!nk Neighborhood Electric Vehicle on the right. Some EVs with special batteries ... Electric and Alternative Fuel Cars California Energy Commission - Alternative Fuel Vehicle Information Advanced Research Projects Agency - Electric & Hybrid Vehicle ...

NREL: Advanced Vehicles and Fuels Research - What is a fuel cell vehicle?
More Search Options Site Map Feature What is a fuel cell vehicle? A fuel cell vehicle (FCV) is an electric vehicle that ... battery"—filling the fuel tank recharges the vehicle. The fuel cell onboard the vehicle produces electricity directly from the reaction of ... moved from the laboratory to the road. As with other electric-drive vehicles, fuel cell cars are quiet, smooth, fun to ...

Renewable Energy Resources - Electric
The Aptera electric vehicle is actually set to be released in two varieties--all electric or a range extended hybrid model. The all-electric model is estimated to have a ... more... Electric Vehicles GM EV1 The time for electric vehicles may have finally arrived. After the ill-fated, but much loved GM EV1 was pulled from the market in 2003, the electric vehicle has ...

Renewable Energy Resources - Aptera Electric Car
Clean Tech Renewable Energy News Prognog Blog Subscribe Prognog Home Driving Aptera Electric Car Aptera Electric Car The Aptera electric car from Aptera Motors out of Carlsbad, California, might just change ... other drivers to see. The Aptera electric vehicle is actually set to be released in two varieties--all electric or a range extended hybrid model. The all-electric model is estimated to have ... More from this site

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