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Elephant poaching
Elephant poaching Elephant poaching During the eighties and nighties, A criminal band leader, Verappan (known in this state as ... male. The normal ratio is one male to four females. Recent figures 2002. Kenya's elephant poaching (though still comparatively low) up by over 20% from 57 elephants in 2001 to 71 ...

Wild animal population of Kerala, India
Maharashtra, 227 in Chattisgarh and 192 in Andhra Pradesh. Karnataka tops in elephant population with 6088 followed by Kerala with (5737), Assam (5312), Tamil Nadu (2971), Arunachal ... lions was reported. Maximum poaching of 47 tigers was reported from Uttar Pradesh followed by Maharashtra (27), Madhya Pradesh (17), West Bengal (15) and Andhra Pradesh (7). Elephant poaching was maximum in ...

Save the Elephants - Poaching in India to increase as China opens ivory market
Elephant News Service > News reader Poaching in India to increase as China opens ivory market Poaching in India to increase as China opens ivory market Times of India 8 Aug 2008 NEW DELHI: Elephant poaching ... allowed to lift ivory stocks from these countries in 1999, we saw an increase in elephant poaching in the country. "We may witness the same situation in the near future. The real ...

Ecobeetle's Endangered Species - African Elephant - Conservation Information,Pictures,Facts,Links,Books
Elephant is from illegal ivory poaching. Following Photos courtesy and copyright Darren New. Used with permission. African Elephant Conservation Links The African Elephant Conservation Trust The SSC African Elephant Specialist Group The African Elephant ...

Elephant Glossary and encyclopedia, terms and definitions
Poaching ... Elephant Species Elephant anatomy Elephant diseases Man and elephants Elephant care Elephant footcare Elephant training Elephant breeding Elephant database Location database Virtual elephant Shiva Elephant organisations Elephant literature Elephant films & videos Elephant posters & pics Website Elephant consultant Webring memberships Webmaster & Contact Selected links Elephant ... - Conservation & Elephant Hunting
There are other uses of the African elephant, both legal and illegal, but the purpose of this article is conservation and elephant hunting. Regulation has often been utilized as the ... regulated use. Illegal value would be the use outside of laws or regulation (for instance, poaching). No value means that the resource will effectively be ignored. Sadly, most evaluations of use ... - African Elephant & Ivory Trade
Harare decisions. In doing so, they ... More from this site

Elephant Gifts for Animal Lovers
Elephantidae or the elephants, with 3 species: the Savannah Elephant, the Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant (formerly known as the Indian Elephant). During the period of the ice age there were ... "fingers" at the tip of their trunks, as opposed to only one. Poaching has had some unexpected consequences on elephant anatomy as well. African ivory hunters, by killing only tusked elephants, ...

Elephant Pictures
Poaching has had some unexpected consequences on elephant ... More from this site

Save the Elephants - The Elephant Incident 14th November 2001 (November 2001)
Trustees Donations Contact us Links Overview Research Protection Grass Roots Education Programme Field Diary Overview Elephant Bibliography Elephant News Service Press Releases   Save the Elephants > Projects > Field Diary > Diary ... down, but the elephant ran away into the thick bush. It was very apparent just how nervous and anxious the elephants in Meru are due to the severe poaching that took ...

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