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Wild animal population of Kerala, India
(But according to another set of figures presented to the Parliament in 2005, the elephant population increased from 25, 877 in 1997 to 26,413 in 2002.) The number of tigers has come down from 3836 in 1997 to 3642 in 2001-02. The tiger population ... tops in elephant population with 6088 followed by ...

IWMC - Letter to the Editor - St. Petersburg Times / 16 December 2005
South Africa expresses an opinion based on inadequate and extremely biased information. This opinion, that the management of the elephant population in the Makalali game preserve is an appropriate model for all African elephant management, is incorrect. The editorial leaves out ... - Letter to the Editor - New York Times / 03 October 2002
Southern African countries which resulted in a substantial increase of their elephant populations. Far from being ... ban shut down successful conservation programs that used limited ivory sales to maintain healthy elephant populations. These programs were geared to the reality, so often brushed aside by ... More from this site

SPA :: Population Quotes
Population Quotes Resources Quotes on Population and other related subjects Population is exploding. We’ve got to do something about getting a sustainable population level and of course this gets back to ... chimpanzees, whose future is threatened by human overpopulation and consequent habitat destruction. "Working on elephant populations in Zambia, I was visited by Sir Peter Scott, founder of the ...

San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Elephant
African bush elephants. More • Elephant Cam • Elephant calf photo gallery • Kid Territory: Tembo the African Elephant, Easy Elephant Eggs, All Thumbs • Conservation: Mechanisms for ... Asian elephant population here in North America. Because of the low reproductive rate, the population in zoos is not self-sustaining. We have begun an innovative partnership with the Pinnewala elephant ...

Baby Elephant Image Gallery
News - Baby Elephant Born At Wild Animal Park On February 23, 2004, a male African elephant named Vus'Musi,was born at the San ... in Swaziland’s national parks because of elephant overpopulation. A lack of space and long periods of drought created unsuitable habitat for a large elephant population in the small southern African country. ... More from this site

Indian 'elephant corridor' scheme
Indian 'elephant corridor' scheme Indian 'elephant corridor' scheme 26 December, 2007 HOME Indian 'elephant corridor' scheme December 26 More than 1,000 wild elephants have been given a corridor ... strip of land - 0.5km wide and 2km long - that is crucial to the local elephant population as it links two forested areas cut off from each other by deforestation and agricultural ...

Blood on the Tracks : Another elephant dies
Tracks : Another elephant dies Blood on the Tracks: Another elephant dies 22 July, 2008 HOME Blood on the Tracks: Another elephant dies Sukna, July 22: A male elephant, aged around seven-eight ... -based Himalayan Nature and Adventure Foundation. Although people are happy over the rise in the elephant population, it will not be too long when the number of the big animal depletes like ... More from this site

Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Indian elephant" should be used only for the Indian subspecies. So when speaking about the species (Elephas maximus), this species should be refered to as Asian elephant. Population Asian elephant was once distributed from Tigris and Euphrates Valleys of Syria and Iraq to the yellow river of China and South to Sumatra (Daniel, 1995). Since the Asian elephant ...

Elephant poaching
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