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Energy Conservation | Greening EPA | US EPA
With more rigorous energy reduction requirements included in E.O. 13423 (which strengthened the requirements ...

Federal Requirements | Greening EPA | US EPA
Energy Reduction and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Requirements Signed in 1999, E.O. 13123, "Greening the Government Through Efficient Energy Management" (PDF) (12 pp, 108K, About PDF), established the following separate energy reduction requirements for energy ... More from this site

Tejon Ranch Agreement
Agreement and if the proposed projects include the required environmental and sustainability requirements. The protection and stewardship of the Conserved Lands is assured, from the date ... measures in its entitlement applications to minimize impacts on the environment (e.g. energy reduction requirements in excess of Title 24 standards, construction waste recycling, onsite shuttle bus systems ...

Global Warming Action - A Publication of Fresh Energy
Energy. Fresh Energy works daily for smart energy policies and regulations that enhance our economies, protect human health and communities, restore our environment, and move us toward energy independence. www.fresh-energy ...

Energy Policy Insider - A Publication of Fresh Energy
This goal is not sector-specific; it can be met by innovative policies and programs such as utility efficiency requirements (such as the 2007 Demand Efficiency Act), building codes and appliance standards, and energy-use reduction goals for state and federal buildings. Cashing ... More from this site

Renewable Energy Glossary | A - Z
Events Home > What > Glossary A - Z Wind Energy Marine Energy Biomass Energy Solar Energy Hydro Energy Geothermal Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cells Glossary A - Z About the HI-energy Brand E-mail this page Print ... - A foregoing or reduction of electric usage for the purpose of saving natural energy resources and limiting peak demand in order to ultimately reduce the capacity requirements for plant and ...

Renewable Energy Glossary | A - Z
Energy efficiency - Programmes that reduce energy consumption whilst maintaining a given level of output. Energy mix - the distribution or proportion of different energy sources within the total energy supply. Energy ... More from this site

Renewable Energy,áEnergy Research and Development, CANMET Energy Technology Centre / Centre de la technologie de l'Únergie de CANMET
Electric Vehicle Technology Road Map (evTRM). The evTRM initiative will identify critical energy technology requirements, gaps and milestones needed to advance electric vehicles in Canada. A Core Group ... field of energy, science and technology. CETC-O works with private and public sector partners to develop and deploy leading-edge energy products. The result of these technologies is reduction ...

NREL: Sustainable NREL - Energy Use
To meet or exceed federal energy-use reduction goals, the NREL Comprehensive Energy Management Plan's primary activities include site-metering, energy-management control systems as well as: Energy retrofits Sustainable, energy ... Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and exceed the Federal Model Energy Code requirements by at ...

Energy Consultancy
Inenco's experts can support you across a wide range of requirements including:- Climate Change Agreement Carbon Reduction Commitment EU-ETS Energy ...

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