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Our Stolen Future: Chapter summaries
This interaction is crucial to understanding one of the best understood forms of endocrine disruption, when a hormone imposter like DES or DDT binds with the estrogen receptor. It was once thought that hormone-receptor binding was very specific, like a lock and key. Research has now ...

Our Stolen Future: A list of endocrine-disrupting compounds
Estrogen work as anti-estrogen through binding with Ah receptor, which then inhibits estrogen receptor binding to estrogen response elements, thereby inhibiting estrogen action ... Stoker et al. 1993 Toxaphene Estrogen/ Thyroid Soto et al. 1994 Triadimefon Estrogen Estrogen receptor agonist. Vinggaard et al. 1999 Triadimenol Estrogen Estrogen receptor agonist Vinggaard et al ... More from this site

Environmental Health Perspectives Toxicogenomics: Volume 112, Number 12, August 2004
Interaction Network Suggests Dioxin Induces a Significant Linkage between Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and Retinoic Acid Receptor Beta Hiroyoshi Toyoshiba, Takeharu Yamanaka, Hideko Sone, Frederick M. Parham, ... Confidence and Domain Extrapolation of Two Structure–Activity Relationship Models for Predicting Estrogen Receptor Binding Activity Weida Tong, Qian Xie, Huixiao Hong, Leming Shi, Hong Fang, ...

EHP: Volume 109, Number 7 July 2001
Manning, John A. McLachlan, and Marius Brouwer p. 681 [HTML] [ PDF] Optimization of a Yeast Estrogen Screen and Its Applicability to Study the Release of Estrogenic Isoflavones from a Soygerm ... Have Proliferative Activity on MCF-7 Human Breast Tumor Cells and Binding Affinity for Human Estrogen Receptor * Ken-ichi Ohyama, Fumiko Nagai, and Yoshiteru Tsuchiya p. 699 [HTML] [ PDF] The Sex Difference ... More from this site

CISAB | Dale R. Sengelaub - Curriculum vitae
Neurobiology, 38:301-312.  (Abstract) Tanzer, L., Sengelaub, D., Jones, K.J. (1999) Estrogen receptor expression in the facial nucleus of adult hamsters: Does axotomy recapitulate development? Journal ... , Encyclopedia of Cognitive Sciences. Hebbeler, S.L., Verhovshek, T., Sengelaub, D.R. NMDA receptor blockade inhibits estrogenic support of dendritic growth in a sexually dimorphic rat spinal ...

Our Stolen Future: Excerpts from Chapter 5, Fifty Ways to Lose Your Fertility
The receptor receives the chemical message, in this case estrogen ... , reality is proving considerably messier and unpredictable, not only in the case of the estrogen receptor but with other hormone receptors as well. OSF Home About this website Newest Book ...

Our Stolen Future: Cadmium acts in vivo as estrogen mimic in rats
ICI, the anti-estrogen, indicating the responses are mediated by the estrogen receptor. Does exposure to cadmium in the womb affect development? Johnson et al. here took advantage of the well-established impacts of in utero exposure to estrogen on ... More from this site

Population Council | Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology Seminar Series
Ov Slayden Oregon National Primate Research Center Title: "Regulation of estrogen action in the primate reproductive tract with new-generation steroid receptor modulators" 20 March 2008 6th floor Conference Room 633, ... 12:00–1:00 pm Speaker: Dr. Chawnshang Chang University of Rochester Title: "The androgen receptor is a tumor suppressor and proliferator in prostate cancer" Print this page @ E-mail ...

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