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Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Habitats & Gardens Guide for BOA
Flytraps Greenhouse: a garden of insect eating plants from bogs all over the world. 3. Wildlife ... The greenhouse containing the flytraps garden can also be seen. 2. Flytraps Greenhouse of Insect Eating Plants The largest collection of insect-eating plants in Ireland and Britain is on display in our Flytraps greenhouse. ...

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Fen Campaign
Research Library, the Teaching Classroom, Exhibitions in the Visitor Centre, the Flytraps Greenhouse, the Bog of Allen Habitats, the Bog of Allen Survey and the Creation of Gardens ... More from this site

Irish Peatland Conservation Council - Job Vacancies
Within the grounds we are developing a variety of wetland and woodland habitats, maintaining a greenhouse of insect-eating plants and constructing and planting nature conservation gardens. At the Bog ... Course (3 hours) Primary Science School Programme (3 hours) Bog Nature Walk (2 hours) FlyTraps Garden of Insect-Eating Plants (2 hours) SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE Information Guides should have excellent ...

Home & Garden Ideas - Los Angeles Times
Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants A greenhouse at Cal State Fullerton is home to thousands of hungry, exotic plants. Man ...

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