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SCS: South American Fur Seal (Arctocephalus australis)
Argentinean rookeries to the south. Status The South American fur seal is listed as an Appendix II species under CITES. ... prey in the southern Pacific Ocean. Lifestyle The South American fur seal breeding season takes place from October to December. The ... also observed to some extent in the Uruguayan population. South American fur seals are also killed by sharks and killer whales. Photo: Enrique ...

SCS: New Zealand Fur Seal (Arctocephalus forsteri)
Conflicts between New Zealand fur seals and aquaculture installations have been reported. In February 2001 ... a licence in January 2000 to shoot New Zealand fur seals and Australian fur seals which shared his fishing grounds around Montague ... off Tasmania to kill up to 30 New Zealand fur seals and Australian fur seals each in their nets during the forthcoming ... More from this site

EEK! - Critter Corner - Fun Fur Facts
EEK! - Critter Corner - Fun Fur Facts . Fun Fur Facts Do you know what makes a mammal a mammal? One of the things is ... seasons change in order to be concealed against their surroundings. Patterns in the hair or fur also help protect mammals. Think of a fawn's spots which helps hide it from ...

Los Angeles: Fur Flies in Beverly Hills
Attorneys are getting involved. In Beverly Hills, the unofficial fur capital of the West, if not the world, fashion-conscious ... effort has caused an ample stir on Rodeo Drive. Fur buyers are outraged. Fur sellers are apoplectic. The issue has vaulted right to ... "It wears like a sweater." Presburger, a board member of the Fur Information Council, vowed to fight the ballot measure with all ...

In defence of fur
So-called "superficial luxury" is when our use of fur is at its highest. Fur was human beings' first clothing ("unto Adam and ... appreciating the qualities of mink, bear and fox fur. These qualities of genuine fur - both the shine and the soft feel - can' ... , designers are also experimenting with new techniques. Some are 'knitting' fur into a mesh, to create lightweight and soft shining material; ...

Return of fur
Yet the positive impact on conservation that comes from a regulated fur industry is undeniable. Fur is a renewable resource. Trappers undertaking wild harvests have always worked to ... cases, however, the alternatives carry consequences of their own. In the case of faux fur, alternative textiles require chemicals and petroleum products to be manufactured and transported, creating ... More from this site

Friends of Animals | The Trapping of Fur-Bearing Animals
In the United States, the animals killed for fur include raccoons, red and grey foxes, beavers, otters, coyotes, wolves, lynxes, bobcats, opossums, badgers, ... it creates through advertising. The consumer has the power to reject such manipulation. Moreover, fur products are sold to a relatively small minority; therefore, its purveyors are particularly vulnerable ...

Friends of Animals | Fur Archives
Coal at Holiday-Themed Fur Protest December 18, 2007 Rights Campaigners Call for Focus on Fur Industry's Immediate End December 12, 2006 Special Notice: Friends of Animals "NO FUR" Buttons December 28, 2004 Friends of Animals’ Position Statement on New ... furs November 9, 2004 Fur Clad "Cave People" March in Protest of Prada's Archaic Fur "Fashions" November 10, 2003 "One Fur Coat" November 6 ... More from this site

Fur Seal | It's Nature
Natural Wonders Endangered Species Legendary Creatures Fur Seal From It's Nature! Home » Aquatic Mammals » Fur Seal Fur Seal The name given ... a great deal of time in play with other seals. Fur seals have excellent eyesight and very keen sharp hearing senses. They will eat fish, small octopus and lobster. Fur Seals can hold their breath underwater for very long periods of ...

Kind Planet's Traveling With Fur Kids
Kind Planet's Traveling With Fur Kids Traveling and Fur Kids Decisions It's vacation time again, and so we find ourselves with a little ...

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