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What We Do » Missouri Prairie Foundation
MPF hosts Volunteer Work Days on its properties. MPF provides information at the Prairie Jubilee at Prairie State Park, Prairie Day at Shaw Nature Reserve, Earth Day in Columbia and various other ... that covers five of MPF's properties and another agreement for the restoration of Prairie Fork. At Golden Prairie, MPF has developed a cooperative arrangement with a neighboring landowner to increase the ...

Where We Work » Missouri Prairie Foundation
Golden Prairie This site forms the anchor of the Grasslands Coalition's Golden Focus Area in Barton County. The original 320 acres of Golden Prairie were saved by MPF ... have been recorded at Golden Prairie and greater prairie-chickens have been photographed extensively on the site. Directions: (T30N, R29W, S8) Barton County. Approximately 2 miles south of Golden City and 2 ... More from this site

Golden Eagles in Kansas
Golden Eagles in Kansas GOLDEN EAGLE Photo by Bob Gress Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Measurements: Length: 27 - 33 inches Wingspread: 72 - 87 inches Weight: 7.5 - 14 pounds Comments: The golden ... is more commonly encountered in western Kansas. Food: Golden eagles feed primarily on mammals. Favorite prey include jackrabbits, cottontails, prairie dogs and ground squirrels. Occasionally they catch ...

Prairie Dogs @
Predators of the prairie dog include coyotes, bobcats, badgers, black-footed ferrets, golden eagles, and prairie falcons. To defend against so many enemies, prairie dogs commonly perch on the large mounds at burrow entrances and look for danger. A prairie dog ...

Lesson Plans - The Incredible Prairie Picture Show
The Incredible Prairie Picture Show Alligators and Crocodiles Designing a Native Plants Garden Elementary Ecosystems Fish Aren't Afraid of the Dark! Little Red Riding Hood Meets—A Golden Retriever? The Antarctic Food Chain Who Am I? Complete Index The Incredible Prairie Picture Show Overview: As a grassland ecosystem, the dominant vegetation of the prairie is grass. ... More from this site

Prairie Dog Coalition - White Tailed Prairie Dog
Coalition Funders Volunteer Opennings About Prairie Dogs Black Tailed Prairie Dog White Tailed Prairie Dog Mexican Prairie Dog Utah Prairie Dog Gunnison's Prairie Dog Fascinating Facts Associated Species Alerts ... Predators such as badgers, coyotes, bobcats, long-tailed weasels, red foxes, ferrets, golden eagles, and prairie falcons all impact white-tail colonies. Introduced bubonic plague from fleas ...

Prairie Dog Coalition - Associated Species
(Knowles and Knowles 1994). Golden Eagle. The golden eagle has long been described as an important prairie dog predator, ... Northern Great Plains, "wherever prairie dogs are found, golden eagles can also be found" (Knowles and Knowles 1994, 35). When golden eagles nest near prairie dog towns, prairie dogs comprise 50-62% of ... More from this site

Myths: Facts and Fiction about Prairie Dogs
MYTH: No One Will Miss Prairie Dogs When They're Gone Those who directly depend on prairie dogs–ferruginous hawks, burrowing owls, golden eagles, coyotes, and black-footed ferrets, to name a few–would miss them dearly. Ferrets inhabit prairie dog burrows and depend on prairie dogs ...

Prairie Birth Mix
St John's Wort, Roundheaded Bushclover, Prairie Blazingstar, Wild Bergamot, Dotted Mint, Evening Primrose, Foxglove Beardtongue, Purple Prairie Clover, Prairie Cinquefoil, Yellow Coneflower, Blackeyed Susan, Sweet Blackeyed Susan, Browneyed Susan, Cup Plant, Riddell's Goldenrod, Stiff Goldenrod, Blue Vervain, Hoary Vervain, Golden ...

Prudent Prairie Mix
Prairie Mix Back Prudent Prairie Seed Mix Prudent Prairie Seed Mix Wildflowers: Anise Hyssop, Butterfly Milkweed, New England Aster, Upland White Aster, ... Prairie Clover, Prairie Cinquefoil, Mountain Mint, Yellow Coneflower, Blackeyed Susan, Sweet Blackeyed Susan, Browneyed Susan, Compass Plant, Cup Plant, Riddell's Goldenrod, Stiff Goldenrod, Old Field Goldenrod, Blue Vervain, Hoary Vervain, Golden ... More from this site

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