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NOTICE calling for moratorium on logging in the Goolengook Forest from a Bidwali leader NO CONSENT NO TREATY NO JURISDICTION Regional Forest Agreement signed in East Gippsland fails to consult with traditional owners the Bidwali people, ignores the sovere
Goolengook area and have today issued notice to the State Government prohibiting logging in the area. The Goolengook area, near Orbost is part of the Bidwali ... expressed consent to logging or associated activities in the Goolengook area. * As there is no TREATY and there is no consent, the Goolengook area falls outside the jurisdiction of the State of ...

Letters and Articles on Forest Issues - 7/9/97 onwards (number 71 -> )
Goolengook Heritage River area (which should be federally protected). Did you know they were also praying for ... and assault in relation to logging protests at Goolengook in East Gippsland according to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Logging of the Goolengook area has been plagued by protests since ...

Letters - 51 onwards
The Goolengook area was remote bushland and the department was not prepared to put its staff at risk, Mr Squires said. Logging in the area was continuing and, ... were concerned that logging was continuing in Goolengook, despite yesterday's announcement that the tiger quoll had been recognised as an endangered animal and the Goolengook area was an acknowledged quoll habitat. 66 ... More from this site

Goolengook Forest protection
Area as a result of the investigation. There has been a moratorium on logging in Goolengook ... Goolengook Forest Management Block, not just old growth forest, and the full range of values in the area ...

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