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NOTICE calling for moratorium on logging in the Goolengook Forest from a Bidwali leader NO CONSENT NO TREATY NO JURISDICTION Regional Forest Agreement signed in East Gippsland fails to consult with traditional owners the Bidwali people, ignores the sovere
They were here long before white people arrived." stated Robbie Thorpe. Eviction notices were served to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment officers present. ... East Gippsland Regional Forest Agreement. This is a testament that genocide continues today." said Robbie Thorpe. GECO Media Release Interestingly, under Native Title, trees or other forest products are ...

Protesters Plead No Jurisdictiction
Goolengook." At the same case, local Gunnai elder Robbie Thorpe testified. He not only fully endorsed these blockade activities, but delivered a blazing oratory ... can be made to - STOP the GENOCIDE Fighting Fund (Commonwealth Bank Statement Account # 063648 10050445 Thorpe's explanation of the legal argument of "No Jurisdiction" was that Captain Cook acted ... More from this site

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