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Gorilla 100 - Discovery of the Mountain Gorilla
Gorilla 100 - Discovery of the Mountain Gorilla Discovered on October 17, 1902 on the ridges of the volcanic Virunga mountains by German explorer Captain Robert von Beringe, the mountain gorilla was named Gorilla gorilla beringei in honor of the Captain. On the Trail of the Man who Discovered the Mountain Gorilla Captain von Beringe ...

Gorilla 100 - Discovery of the Mountain Gorilla
Gorilla 100 - Discovery of the Mountain Gorilla To be taken to our fundraiser, The Denver Gorilla Run hosted by the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. Click here ... in 1902 by Captain Robert von Beringe, the mountain gorilla was named Gorilla gorilla beringei. Over the last 100 years the mountain Gorilla has had quite a history with numerous people and groups ...

Gorilla 100 - History of the Mountain Gorilla
European to observe the mountain gorillas on the Sabinyo volcano which are named Gorilla gorilla beringei by Matschie in 1903. 1925 Carl Akeley, an American naturalist convinces his Majesty Albert, ... giving Rwanda new laws on the National park, hunting and tourism. 1979 The Mountain Gorilla Project is approved following a convention between the Rwandan government and a consortium formed ... More from this site

mountain gorilla glossary
Dian Fossey Gorilla researcher who wrote the book Gorillas in the Mist. ecotourism Tourism that provides revenues ... A collection of different digitized data sets that are related to the same geographic location. Gorilla gorilla beringei A gorilla subspecies. This is the scientific name (genus and species) of the mountain gorillas. ...

GrungyApe - G. gorilla berengei
Gorillas can recognize each other by their faces and body shapes. Each gorilla has a unique nose print like a human's thumbprint. Gorillas and humans share 97 ... emit a strong odor when the animal is under stress. Mountain Gorilla's or Gorilla gorilla beringei, are among the rarest of the gorilla line. Mountain gorillas differ from other gorillas in having longer hair ...

Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla Mountain Gorilla Gorilla gorilla beringei Endangered This largest of the great apes inhabits a number of isolated areas on the ... , into a reduced habitat where they compete with the gorilla for the same foods. Listed as an endangered species, the mountain gorilla has some protection in a ban among most zoos against ...

Mountain Gorilla Stamps
Gorilla gorilla gorilla to distinguish it from the mountain gorilla. Another population, the eastern lowland gorilla, is given the scientific name (Gorilla gorilla graueri). The eastern lowland gorilla ... scientific examination. It was given the scientific name Gorilla gorilla beringei. The first successful studies of the mountain gorilla in the wild took place starting in ... : gorilla hotlinks
Gorilla Mountain Gorilla Protection Western and Eastern Gorillas Western Lowland Gorilla Facts Western Lowland Gorilla Fact Sheet African Wildlife Foundation - Gorillas Animal Bytes: Western Lowland Gorilla Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund International Gorilla gorilla beringei (mountain gorilla ... : great apes : gorillas
Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) There are three subspecies within the species Gorilla gorilla: Gorilla gorilla gorilla: Western Lowland Gorilla Gorilla gorilla beringei: Mountain Gorilla Gorilla gorilla graueri: Eastern Lowland Gorilla MORPHOLOGY The western lowland gorilla has a brownish-gray pelage color with reddish highlights. The eastern lowland gorilla ... More from this site

A conservation triumph: The Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda
The mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei beringei) is one of the two most endangered apes in the world (with the Cross River Gorilla, Gorilla gorilla diehli). There are only approximately ... Wide Funds for Nature: Photo of Kuryama the Mountain gorilla courtesy of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation International. Visit their web-site at ...

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