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CWAF | Mefou national park | gorillas
It contains 1044 hectares of forest. At present we have eight electrified enclosures housing Chimps, Gorillas, Baboons, and various species of monkeys. Mefou is the perfect setting for visitors to ... Other primates Stories of gorillas and chimps gorillas MNP is home to all of CWAF's gorillas. There are currently two gorilla groups in Mefou. One enclosure contains six gorillas, three males, and three ...

Gorillas - Photos, Sounds, and Information
Feature~ Gorilla Trivia Introduction Types of Gorillas Physical Description Behavior Reproduction Conservation Enter your email to join the Gorilla newsletter gorillas, apes, primates, photos, pictures, information ... Oubangui River ~Photo Gallery~ Baby Gorilla Mother and baby Sucking Thumb Gorillas at Play Resting Gorilla Stretching Arm Not too Happy Sitting Gorilla Say ...

Gorillas - Photos, Sounds, and Information
African origin. Because of their more recent divergence, gorillas and chimpanzees are more similar to humans than are any other living species. These ... , their reproductive physiology, and infant development. Although chimpanzees solve experimental problems more easily than gorillas, gorillas appear to be more adept at acquiring human sign language. Click here for Gorilla ... More from this site

Gorillas Zoo conditions have changed dramatically for gorillas in recent years, as our understanding of their biology has developed. Gorillas were not described by science until ... years. He may have inspired the zoo to try again with gorillas. But apart from Miss Cunningham's several gorillas, contemporary accounts of the species in captivity unanimously record their ... : great apes : gorillas : Gorilla Gorilla : great apes : gorillas : Gorilla Gorilla Gorillas next Koko HOME HedWeb HerbWeb Primate Info Gorilla Hotlinks Primate Species Animal Rights FAQ Planet of the Apes A Gorilla Fact Sheet Primates and Primatology Hotlinks E-mail : great apes : gorillas : great apes : gorillas Gorilla In The Rain next HOME HedWeb HerbWeb Primate Info Gorilla Hotlinks BLTC Research Animal Rights FAQ A Gorilla Fact Sheet E-mail More from this site

WWF - Gorillas
What We Do > Species > About Species > Species Factsheets > Great Apes > Gorillas Great Apes Chimpanzees Gorillas Ecology & Habitat Population & Distribution Threats Western lowland gorilla Ecology & Habitat ... continent-wide African Great Apes Programme addresses the threats facing gorillas. Physical Description Gorillas are stocky animals with characteristically large hands, and forearms that ...

Conservation International - Gorillas
Life Benefits of Giving Events Sojourns Home > Learn > Species > Gorillas Learn Climate Change Forests Species Gorillas Pandas Tigers Corals Lemurs More Primates Communities Land Use Oceans Freshwater ... of targeted poaching for bushmeat and deforestation. The mountain gorillas are the most well-known of the Eastern gorillas. These distinct populations, numbering around 700 individuals, are a ...

all about gorillas
Gorillas, the largest of the great apes, are divided into three subspecies: (1) western lowland gorillas (Gorillas gorilla gorilla), (2) eastern lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla graueri), and (3) mountain gorillas ...

Gorilla 100 - Events celebrating Mountain Gorillas
Events celebrating Mountain Gorillas On Oct. 17, 2002 we organized various events and guided tours in ... the celebration party and they also included trekking ventures to visit the gorillas. is a project that is using the 100 year anniversary ... as a focal point to bring awareness to the plight of the gorillas and to rally support for their continued survival. A ceremony honoring the ...

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