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Supervisorís Office, some rules for ďappropriate behaviorĒ were presented. The rules included such advice as: funding your ... ground rules about how participants are expected to communicate with each other. Along with the serious ground rules I usually pass out a spoof of Robertís Rules ... over the line. Let me offer a couple of simple ground rules. First, itís generally not OK to embarrass or ...

RANGE magazine - Features
We ask you to respect the diversity of opinion on this issue by following these ground rules for productive conversations: Listen actively to those whose views differ from your own, and ... years of attending academic symposia, the organizers had inserted instructions on how to act (see "Ground Rules" sidebar) into our registration packets. I wondered which of us they expected trouble from. Flanking ...

NWS16: Wetlands rules on hold for 30 days
Newspaper Articles NWS16: Wetlands rules on hold for 30 days NWS16: The Register, Eugene, Oregon, Sunday, December 17, 1989 NORTHWEST ... to the 'L' word -- it's called leadership," wrote Jay Hair. "There is no middle ground on this one. It's either up or down." The agreement has faced stiff criticism ...

EPA Ground Water & Drinking Water > Open for Comment
Security Open for Comment EPA is soliciting public comment on the following proposed rules and draft documents, which are listed in order by the date on which ... inforation contact: Lee Whitehurst, Underground Injection Control Program, Drinking Water Protection Division, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (MC-4606M), Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington ...

EPA > Ground Water & Drinking Water > Drinking Water and Health > How can I help protect drinking water?
Many communities have implemented successful programs to protect their ground water source.† Learn how do wellhead protection in your community from†The Groundwater Foundation ... protection and local watershed cleanup activities, check Adopt Your Watershed † See what proposed EPA rules about drinking water are open for comment† Be careful not to waste water. Read ... More from this site

Ohio EPA Rules and Laws
Ground Waters Division of Air Pollution Control Division of Solid and Infectious Waste Management Ohio EPA Rules by Division Air Pollution Control Surface Water Drinking and Ground Water (Drinking Water Rules) Drinking and Ground Water (Ground Water Rules) ...

New Rules Project - Designing Rules As If Community Matters
Rules Project - Designing Rules As If Community Matters ILSR Press Center Why New Rules? e-Bulletins Rules Index Reports and Other Resources Support Our Work! Contact Us New Rules Project Institute for Local ... New Rules Project Feed Audio and Video Archive In The Spotlight Electric Cars Are the Key to Energy Independence - By David Morris, published on AlterNet, August 2, 2008 City On Solid Ground ...

New Rules Project - Information Sector
St. Paul. July 31, 2008 City on Solid Ground in Lawsuit - by Christopher Mitchell, originally published in the Monticello Times ... Broadband: A Feasibility Study" from the city's web site. NEW RULES Saint Louis Park, MN - Municipally owned fiber and wireless network Maine' ... Mail this page to a Friend! © 1998-2005 - The New Rules Project What's New - by date Articles and ... More from this site

FCC Rules for CB Radio
Subpart E [Technical Rules]. Where the rules use the word "you", "you" means a person operating a CB station. Where the rules use the word "person" the rules are concerned with an individual ... , 1 hectometer) of distance from the nearest point of the nearest airport runway. Differences in ground elevation between your antenna and the airport runway may complicate this formula. If your CB ...

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