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Childs, Marti Smiley; editor Chotzinoff, Robin Clark, Gary Clemens, James Clemens, Samuel Langhorne Cohen, Edward Cohen, Morton N. Collins, Michael Cooper, Bob (6/27/99) Cooper, Bob [Published ... Herman, Richard Herriot, James Hicks, Jack, et al [Editor] Hirshfield, Jane Hoagland, Edward 2/14/99 Hoagland, Edward 1/28/96b Hoagland, Edward Hoeper, George Hogan, Linda Holm, Bill Holman, Sandy Lynne 2/ ...

Printed Matter -- Edward Hoagland -- Page
Edward Hoagland -- Page Essayist, nature writer Hoagland due in San Francisco Jan. 28, 1996 Elisabeth Sherwin -- gizmo@ Essayist Edward Hoagland will be in San Francisco March 4 as ... time or ours. The closest person may have been Edward Abbey." For those who want to read more about Muir, Hoagland recommends Frederick Turner's biography, "Rediscovering America." [Author Menu] ... More from this site

NRDC: OnEarth Magazine - About
America's finest writers and poets -- Rick Bass, Ian Frazier, William Greider, Edward Hoagland, Elizabeth Kolbert, Maxine Kumin, Bill McKibben, Richard Manning, Mary Oliver, Alex Shoumatoff, and ... Linda Lopez, Jack Murray, Patricia F. Sullivan Contributing Editors Rick Bass, Craig Canine, Edward Hoagland, Sharon Levy, Bill McKibben, Mary Oliver, Elizabeth Royte, Alex Shoumatoff, Bruce Stutz ...

Signers H - Global Warming Petition Project
Herm, PhD, Ronald C. Herman, PhD, Roger Myers Herman, PhD, Edward P. Herman, MD, Elvin Eugene Herman, Phillip D. Herman, Edward Robert Hermann, PhD, Timothy L. Hermann, Robert W. Hermsen, PhD, ... Wai Ching Ho, PhD, Jonathan Hoadley, H. O. Hoadley, Corolla K. Hoag, Lawrence Hoagland, PhD, Douglas Hoagland, John C. Hoagland, Brian G. Hoal, PhD, Gary E. Hoam, Viet Hoang, Ronald D. Hoback, Richard ...

Signers M - Global Warming Petition Project
Edward R. McDowell, PhD, Lee Russell McDowell, PhD, Edward R. McDowell, PhD, Wilbur Benedict McDowell, PhD, Thomas D. McDowell, PhD, Marion Edward McDowell, MD, Charles W. McDowell, MD, William S. McDowell, Edward ... , PhD, Jerry McKnight, Robert A. McKnight Jr., Hugh M. McKnight, Stephen M. McKown, George Hoagland McLafferty, D. K. Mclain, PhD, Cameron R. McLain, Nathan H. McLamb, Nicole B. McLamb, ... More from this site

1998 Annual Report-Page 12
Penelope Gordon John Gore Dee Dee Gorno & Molly Johnson John & Laurie Gorsuch Claudia Goudschaal Edward & Marjorie Grabowski Thomas Grabowski Gerard Grabowski & Jan Shireman A. Stuart Grandy Cliff & Dee ... & Carol Hittle Ginny Hluchan Alfred & Caroline Hoadley Jeanette J. Hoag John T. & Shirley Hoagland John & Carolyn Hoagland Lloyd Hockmuth Ward J. & Dorothy Hodge Barbara Hodge Neil J. Hodges Joe ...

APPENDIX 4 - LIST OF PARTICIPANTS, Recommendations Report, 2000 NCSPE
National Laboratory Eisenberger, Peter Columbia University Ek, Alan University of Minnesota Elliott, Edward University of Nebraska Else, James Tufts University Elzerman, Alan Clemson University Engel ... Morgan State University Hines, April Spelman College Hirschhorn, Joel National Governors' Association Hoagland, Elaine Council on Undergraduate Research Hoellen, Kris National Academy of Sciences Hoff, ...

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