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Lee, Gus 7/18/99 Legg, John LeGuin, Ursula Leland, Dorothy Kupcha Lescroart, John Lescroart, John 10/8/95b Lescroart, John 12/10/95c Lescroart, John 3/16/97d Lescroart, John 1/9/00e Levin, Donna Levin, Donna 7/21/96b Levin, Donna 10/20/96c Levy, JoAnn Liberatore, Paul Liberatore, Paul 1/12/97b Lipman, Elinor Lipsett, Suzanne Lofland, John Lofland, John ...

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John Lescroart -- Page 'Certain Justice' breakthrough book for Davis writer Lescroart August 6, 1995 Elisabeth Sherwin -- gizmo@ John Lescroart's eighth book, "A Certain Justice," is being called a breakthrough book for the Davis author. Lescroart ... More from this site

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