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Hotspot Selection Criteria
Hotspot Selection Criteria NEW POINTS! PHOTOS! Solutions For Educators US Climate Impacts Hotspot Selection Criteria The map is designed to stimulate interest in, and concern for ... IPCC, 2001. Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. "Hotspots Selection Criteria" was prepared by the Union of Concerned Scientists. The following organizations produced GLOBAL ...

Fingerprints of Global Warming
Hotspot Selection Criteria: The data come from published scientific articles or personal communication with researchers. In ... affected native plants and animals that provide food and resources to many people. Hotspot Selection Criteria: This category includes events linked to the warming temperatures observed in parts of ... More from this site

Eco-Index: Recommended Links
The project's Web site features information about its members and advising ... impacts likely to become more frequent and widespread with continued warming. The site's "Hotspot Selection Criteria" defines the organizations' methodology of choosing and displaying the impacts. A PDF version is ...

Genetically Engineered Crops - A Threat to Soil Fertility?
Ingham has established measurable criteria for predicting soil fertility on the basis of the ... -Wilson et al (1999) call the rhizosphere an ‘environmental hotspot’ for gene transfer. The requirement for transformation, the ... should therefore be focussed on enhancing the understanding of selection processes in natural environments. Only an accurate understanding ...

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