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Mutant Red Herrings? (Do or Die)
Transfer of Foreign Gene to Micro-Organism It was reported in 1994 that ... after genetic engineering use Cauliflower Mosaic Virus (CaMV) genes as switches to turn on the foreign genes that have been introduced into the crops, ... was further referenced. 4. Hoffmann T, Golz C & Schieder O (1994) Foreign DNA sequences are received by a wild-type strain of ...

Phenomena responsible for disturbances
Explanation: There are strong protection mechanisms against the uptake of foreign genes. These may silence the inserted gene or may make it unstable. Sequence homology ... Transgenes "frequently show considerable variation" in expression Trangenes "can interact with resident genes, and with other transgenes" Transgenes can "influence characteristics apparently unrelated to the ...

The new understanding of genes
This so called species barrier is mediated by different mechanisms that prevent the insertion or inactivate foreign genes into the genome. This is one of the reasons why most gene insertion attempts fail. It also contributes to the destabilisation of genes that have been ...

How are genes engineered? A non-technical explanation
The cell has the ability to identify genes that are alien to the species. There are strong mechanisms that prevent such alien genes from combining with the genome. They break down foreign genes, or prevent their replication, or cut out and inactivate a foreign gene that has been ... More from this site

Foreign genes are not welcomed by plants and animals. Therefore powerful techniques have to be used to force the plant or animal to take up the foreign genes. How is genetic engineering of food done? First the engineers try to get the outside gene in: The natural defenses of plants or animals against foreign genes need to ...

An Ecocentric View of GMOs
The real debate should be over whether it is right or wrong to transmit genes across natural incompatibility barriers, regardless of the species involved in the experiments. According to standard ... subject. Since the non-human subjects cannot consent, then it is logically immoral to transfer foreign genes to them. (photo: Monsanto) In my view, either humans should be the subjects of genetic ...

Genetically engineered foods are here. What can we do?
Genes from bacteria, viruses, animals, and even humans have been inserted into plants. ... Therefore, no one can predict the long-term effects. As genes interact with each other in unknown ways, inserted foreign genes could interfere with normal biological processes. Perhaps carcinogens will ... More from this site

GeneWatch UK - Food Safety - An overview of the food safety concerns surrounding GM foods
Many copies or fragments of genes can be included and the gene may even be inserted backwards. There is plenty of potential for unexpected outcomes if normal genes are disrupted or the foreign ... genes are used as 'markers' in GM crops to indicate whether the genetic modification has been successful. The GM process is inefficient and only a small number of cells incorporate the foreign genes ...

GeneWatch UK - Environmental Risks - An overview of the environmental concerns surrounding GM crops
They may have genes added so the crop is no longer killed by chemical weedkillers ( ... the chemicals and kill the weeds but not the crop. Or genes may be added which produce a toxin so that insects feeding ... environment: Other crops and wild plants may become contaminated with the foreign genes added to the GM crop. New 'super-weeds' may evolve which ... More from this site

Genetic Engineering - Gene Therapy
Wan Ho 3rd July 2006 Safe Gene Therapy At Last? Gene defect corrected without inserting foreign DNA Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th July 2005 Controversy over Gene Therapy 'Breakthrough' A 'precision ... of Gene Therapy A Reality ISIS was almost a lone voice warning of cancer from foreign genes inserting into the genome in 'gene therapy' and other exposures to transgenic DNA. Regrettably, this ...

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