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STW - Humpback Dolphin
Edwin Wiek of The Wildlife Friends of Thailand said there are about 500-600 Indopacific humpback dolphins near Thailand that migrate ... wife spotted two dolphins in a small lagoon generated by the Asian tsunami that swept over a Thai beach near Kao Lak. The trapped dolphins were Indopacific humpback dolphins. The dolphins came in ...

Why do the Humpback Whales visit Hervey Bay?
Internship | Study Area | About Us | Hervey Bay | Caring for Cetacea | Why do the Humpback Whales visit Hervey Bay? 'Timantha' and her 1996 calf 'Elmo', at play ... Dolphins on the bow, sleek, graceful & curious. The Humpback Whales are often accompanied by playful pods of Bottlenose Dolphins or large groups of Common Dolphins. We may occasionally see pods of the illusive Indopacific Humpback ...