isostatic rebound

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Karst Waters Institute - Conduit Vol 4 No 1
Pleistocene mammal bones, marine sediments later uplifted by isostatic rebound, subglacial karst drains, abandoned pre-glacial caves, and numerous other features that contain evidence of ...

Background - Great Lakes Sensitivity to Climatic Forcing - NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
This differential rebound affected lakes by reducing water depths in the north while increasing depths in the south. For the northern Great Lakes differential rebound caused complete ... re-assessment of Great Lake levels included development of a new synthesis of glacio-isostatic rebound using an empirical model to describe vertical earth movement with time (20). The ...

Rideau Canal Waterway - Geology
Vegetation started to take hold and eventually the region took on ... as Leda Clay. Changes continued, driven to a large degree by isostatic rebound. Now that the weight of the ice was gone, the land ... by about 10,500 years ago By 6,000 years ago isostatic rebound was complete and the region looked very much like it does ...

Rideau Canal Waterway - Article - The Shaping of the Rideau
This occurred in the southern part of the Rideau Route before it did in the ... systems both have a greater gradient and more mature development than the Rideau River, where isostatic rebound has slowed the development of the river. The Rideau River is underlain by soft silt ... More from this site