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Laws, Regulations, Policy, Guidance and Legislation Laws & Regulations Funding & Grants Publications What You Can Do Training Education Resources Databases & Software Laws, Regulations, Policy, Guidance and Legislation Laws and Regulations ...

Regulations: NOAA Fisheries Feature
Native American tribal or foreign laws. The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act authorizes NOAA Fisheries to collect fisheries ... guide NOAA Fisheries activities. For a comprehensive listing of the regulations established by NOAA Fisheries, see the portal. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Information Quality Guidelines | Disclaimer ...

Laws and Policies - Office of Protected Resources - NOAA Fisheries
Laws & Policies | Programs | Education | Publications Laws & Policies Endangered Species Act Text of the Act Policies, Guidances, & Regulations Marine Mammal Protection Act Text of the Act Reauthorization More Laws Contact OPR Glossary OPR Site Map Laws ... More from this site

E-Mail -- more -- Reference Center Statistics Forms Photo Library Laws and Regulations Reports & Publications -- more -- Key Topics About Coal Classroom ... Regulations 1977- Present) Proposed regulations (Recent notices) Directives (Agency policies) Policy Guidance Documents Office of Hearings and Appeals (Searchable database of past decisions) State Regulations State Program Laws & Regulations ...

Offshore Minerals Management Regulations
Rules - both proposed and final rules, sorted by year. Regulations ...

Laws that We Administer | Laws, Regulations, Guidance & Dockets | US EPA
Laws, Regulations, Guidance & Dockets | US EPA Jump to main content. Laws, Regulations, Guidance and Dockets Contact Us Search: All EPA Laws, Regulations, Guidance and Dockets You are here: EPA Home Laws, Regulations, Guidance & Dockets Laws that We Administer Laws ...

Laws, Regulations, Treaties | Wetlands, Oceans, & Watersheds | US EPA
Home Water Wetlands, Oceans & Watersheds Laws, Regulations, Treaties Laws, Regulations, Treaties Related Links: General Water Laws | Wetlands | Oceans, Coasts, & Estuaries | Watersheds ... Regulations About OWOW About Office of Water For More Information En Espaņol Local Navigation Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds Home Watersheds Our Waters Protecting Our Resources What You Can Do Laws & Regulations ... More from this site

Prairie Dog Coalition - Legislation, Regulations and Ordinances
Wildlife Foundation Random Resource Books You are here: home > resources > legislation regulations and ordinances Legislation, Regulations and Ordinances State Law Comparisons View State Law Comparison For Black ... the Humane Society of the United States. "... Based on legal research into current laws, regulations, and policies around the country, the model suggests measures such as requiring ... - Laws & regulations
Decommissioning issues Mixed waste issues Health physics issues Government agencies Laws & regulations Nuclear standards Technical reports Nuclear research centres Nuclear products & services ... is junction 1360 on "The Science Expedition". Laws & regulations The nuclear industry is highly regulated. The laws and regulations are often complex and overlapping, involving several ...

Laws & Regulations
Laws & Regulations About DENR Divisions and Contacts Customer Service Feedback FAQs Jobs Related Links SEARCH Site Map LAWS AND REGULATIONS Federal Regulations Code of Federal Regulations Federal Register State Laws and Regulations NC General Statutes State ...

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