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Threats to Prairie Dogs
To learn more, view and download our fact sheet on prairie dogs and diet. • The plague is primarily devastating to prairie dogs, not humans. Prairie dogs have almost no immunity to the plague. 7* Consequently, ... . 15* View and download our Prairie Dogs and the Plague fact sheet to learn more. • The latest threat to prairie dogs comes from the pet trade. Most prairie dogs collected for the pet trade ...

Myths: Facts and Fiction about Prairie Dogs
Tell them what you have learned about prairie dogs and refer them to this Web site. MYTH: Prairie Dogs Are Everywhere Actually, black-tailed prairie dogs ... prairie dogs and cattle have a mutually beneficial relationship. Prairie dogs improve the forage for cattle, and cattle grazing allows prairie dog colonies to expand in mid-grass prairie. Both cattle and prairie dogs ... More from this site

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in Kansas
Prairie Dogs in Kansas BLACK-TAILED PRAIRIE DOG Photo by Bob Gress Black-tailed Prairie Dog Cynomys ludovicianus Measurements: Total Length: 14-17 inches Tail Length: 2 - 4 inches Weight: 1-3 pounds Comments: Black-tailed prairie dogs, ...

Prairie Dogs @
Prairie Dogs @ There’s a secret world beneath the plains of North America—complex underground burrows that sprawl for miles and shelter prairie dogs from birth to death. Encounter the rich diversity of the prairie as you journey into the home of America’s imperiled underdog. And don’t miss NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s April 1998 cover story.

Prairie Dogs @
Prairie Dogs @ More from this site

Prairie Dog Coalition - About Prairie Dogs
Volunteer Opennings About Prairie Dogs Black Tailed Prairie Dog White Tailed Prairie Dog Mexican Prairie Dog Utah Prairie Dog Gunnison's Prairie Dog Fascinating ... prairie dogs About Prairie Dogs Artistic representation of a prairie dog colony. All five of these species are now at a small fraction of their historical numbers Prairie dogs are herbivorous members of the squirrel family. Prairie dogs ...

Forest Service Approves Plan to Poison More Prairie Dogs on National Grasslands - Defenders of Wildlife
National Grasslands. Prairie dogs have no known resistance to the disease, which can wipe out whole colonies. Three years of poisoning combined with plague has reduced prairie ... additional poisoning authorized today could kill tens of thousands more prairie dogs, which would further harm other wildlife that depend on prairie dogs for food or their burrows for shelter, including ...

Prairie Habitat, Conservation, Science and Envrionments: National Geographic Geography Action
Once, as many as 60 million bison roamed the Great Plains; today only about 250,000 remain. Burrowing animals like prairie dogs and ground-hugging birds like prairie-chickens were everywhere, but they too have become scarce. Today, much of the natural prairie, an ecosystem unique to ...

Prairie Dog Coalition - White Tailed Prairie Dog
Funders Volunteer Opennings About Prairie Dogs Black Tailed Prairie Dog White Tailed Prairie Dog Mexican Prairie Dog Utah Prairie Dog Gunnison's Prairie Dog Fascinating Facts Associated ... prairie dogs. Animal Behaviour 27:394-407. Hoogland, J.L. 1981. The evolution of coloniality in white-tailed and black-tailed prairie dogs. Ecology 62:252-272. Hoogland, J.L. 2003. Sexual dimorphism of prairie dogs ...

RANGE - Spring 2002 - Dogs of the Prairie
Boulder County to quit poisoning prairie dogs. Boulder County government set aside some 200 acres of its open space as a refuge for prairie dogs who have worn out their welcome on ... land purchased with an open-space tax. The preserve was exclusively for prairie dogs that were from these county lands. Prairie dogs from private lands weren’t eligible for relocation. However, there was and ...

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