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Native Plant Gardening with the Canadian Museum of Nature
Canada Goldenrod Wild Bergamot Wild Columbine Woodland Woodland plants love the sun-dappled shade cast by ... the soil. Maidenhair Fern Wild Ginger Foamflower Native Garden Plants Pond Edge Marsh Marigold Turtlehead Water Lily Meadow Canada Goldenrod Wild Bergamot Wild Columbine Woodland Foamflower Maidenhair Fern Wild Ginger Tangents Travelling ...

Native Plants on the Great Barrington River Walk
Maidenhair fern** Agrimony ** Agrimony** Garlic mustard* Wild leek** Common ragweed Canada anemone** Thimbleweed** Rue anemone** Wild columbine** Jack-in-the-pulpit** European ginger* ** Canadian ginger** ... Thimbleweed** Purple-stem Angelica** Wild columbine** Wild sarsaparilla** Jack-in-the-pulpit** Jack-in-the-pulpit** Black chokeberry** American ginger** Butterfly weed** Whorled wood ...