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To help stimulate ovulation, the male tiger's penis has spines. Following mating, the gestation period for tigers is approximately103 days. The male tiger does not stay with the female ... are not exclusive. Several tigers may follow the same trails at different times, and a male's territory usually overlaps those of several females. Both male and female tigers spray bushes and trees ...

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Male tigers are a great deal larger then their female counterparts and have a much larger ranging area. Tigers ... tigers are territorial and fiercely defensive. The size of a tigers home range mainly depends on prey abundance and in case of male tigers ... male sprays the trees with his urine, scenting them to warn off other tigers, and sometimes to bring in females who are receptive to mating. Male tigers ...

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Cyber Tiger @ Parents: Subscriptions NG Kids Shop If you had a male tiger, what would you name him? What is your name? 1996-2008 National Geographic Society ...

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Nepal . There are about 333 Bengal tigers in captivity. Males typically weigh around 500 pounds; the females about 300. All white tigers are male Bengals and have a double recessive gene that causes the coloration. Official status: ENDANGERED. Indochinese (subspecies corbett) Indochinese tigers are centered in Thailand, ...

Siberia and China, the tigers exact original place is unknown. Tigers have only ever lived in Asia, although some ... there is no set mating season for tigers, breeding ofter occurs in the spring. The male may stay with the female for 20- ... Bangladesh, have reported 800 human deaths attributable to tigers over the past 20 years. Since tigers almost always attack from behind, a double ... More from this site

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Bengals. All white Bengals in captivity in the USA originated from one white male bengal captured in India in 1951 and inbred with his offspring. Only Bengal tigers have the double recessive gene that causes the white coloring. White tigers ...

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Tigers - Photos, Sounds, and Information The 3 Extinct Tiger Subspecies Bali Scientific Name: Panthera tigris balica Range: Island of Bali Average Weight: Female: 143 - 176 Pounds Male: ... of Java Average Weight: Female: 165 - 254 Pounds Male: 221 - 311 Pounds Average Length: Female: No Data Male: 8 Feet 1 Inch Prey: No Data Gestation ... 1980's Click here for Tiger Merchandise Return to Awesome Tigers ... More from this site

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Nepal and Bangladesh), accounting for over two-thirds of all wild tigers. Tigers are a protected species all over the world. Even though ... male tiger was captured by the Maharaja Martand Singh of Rewa and was named Mohan - it is from this animal that all white tigers ... was used to try and breed more white tigers in the USA (with normal orange tigers) but her offspring had various physical defects. ...

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The territorial male tiger usually travels alone, marking his boundaries with urine, droppings ... there are less than 3,000 Bengal tigers left in the wild. Ecology and Conservation: Tigers, are seated at the top-of- ... Some cultures believe that powdered tiger bones have medicinal values. Unfortunately, tigers are highly in demand to supply this damaging market. ... More from this site

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Tigers - Saving Tigers - Friends of Tigers - Tiger People About us | Register with us | Advertise | Fine Print | Contact us | Sitemap Home SAVING TIGERS Threats to Tigers Why Save Tigers? You CAN Save the Tiger! Ask us how! Green Calendar Project Tiger Friends of Tigers Search Our other sites Sanctuary Cub Online Friends of Tigers ... cubs, the male, we called ...

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