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... , up to 30, migration in loose flocks or solitary monogamous pair bond and successive polyandry; monogamous until 1-2 days after hatching, polyandrous bond at about 7 days after eggs laid solitary; female ... n/a n/a n/a not gregarious gregarious primarily monogamous pair bond; male can be promiscuous while female incubating or bigamous; bond temporarily broken while incubating, re-join in moult flock ...

Free-ranging parrot population of Haiku District, Maui, Hawaii
A. canicularis both in captivity and in Mexico. These birds maintained pair bonds throughout the year, nest as monogamous pairs in arboreal termite homes, produce a clutch of 3-5 ... food. The pair bond between male and female is monogamous and apparently lifelong ("The Founder," pers. comm.). Distinctive courtship behavior is not normally observed in conures; however, as nesting nears, the pair may ...

Attracting and Managing Purple Martins
The pair-bond of the Purple Martin is monogamous. The male and female cooperate equally in building the nest out of ...

Glossary of Terms
Strategy: (Dr. Eugene Morton 1987) Refers to behavior whereby adult male martins, while in a monogamous relationship with a single mate, seek the opportunity to copulate with other females (usually ... display to a subadult female. It may simply be a courtship display that strengthens the pair bond. Subadult: Second Calendar Year (other names - subbie, sub). See "SY" for definition of a subadult ... More from this site