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IMBA News: Action Alerts: California Wilderness Campaign: 20 Popular Riding Areas California Mountain Bikers Could Lose to Wilderness (04-14-03)
Wilderness. California Wilderness Campaign Action Alert! 20 Popular Riding Areas California Mountain Bikers Could Lose to Wilderness Click here for more California Wilderness Campaign Information For ... a focused campaign in California to keep trails open for cycling. IMBA is encouraging mountain bikers to join the campaign to save popular trails from being closed while championing ...

IMBA News: Action Alerts: Pennsylvania Mountain Bikers Asked To Support New Bill (12-19-01)
Action Alerts: Pennsylvania Mountain Bikers Asked To Support New Bill (12-19-01) Pennsylvania Mountain Bikers Asked To Support New Bill Action Alert! For Immediate Release (12-19-01) Contact: Pete Webber - IMBA membership & communications director 303-545-9011 Pennsylvania mountain bikers ... More from this site

Hudson Valley Mountain Biking -- A Guide to the Best Trails
Try Mount Beacon. Mount Beacon is an old, closed down ski mountain that is now a favorite among mountain bikers ... mountain bike enthusiast who's covered hundreds (thousands?) of miles in the Hudson Valley. He operates a Web site for mountain bikers ...

Playgrounds on High
Skied swiftly down a snowy slope? Worldwide, mountains provide obstacle courses for mountain bikers, challenges for climbers, and thrills for snowboarders and paragliders. Alpine skiers hurtle down slopes ... named En-no-Shokaku climbed to the summit of Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately, mountain tourism has its price. Mountain tourism today accounts for almost one-fourth of tourism worldwide, and it ...

National Geographic Photo Gallery: Mountain Biking Colorado
See for yourself with these online-only photos and photo tips. Hut-to-hut travel is quickly becoming a favorite among the peculiar species known as mountain bikers. Why? Imagine combining all the virtues of a multiday mountain biking trip with the luxury of spending each night in ...

National Geographic Adventure Mag.: Mountain lion confrontations with humans.
By Carl Hoffman DON'T GET CUTE: I'm a North American mountain lion. ... in paradise - Three other tips from the experts Welcome to the Neighborhood: Can mountain lions and mountain bikers get along? Secrets of the Black Hills: Granite towers, sunken caves, and singletrack ... More from this site

WAC | News : Nimham Mountain Model Forest: The New York Times, Logging? Not on Mt. Nimham, Locals Say
Annmarie Baisley, supervisor of the town of Kent, where the mountain is situated. ''The proper format is to come to the ... administered as a mixed-use recreation area and hunters, hikers and mountain bikers often traipse there. The state has the final say over ... advocate and leader of the Nimham Mountain Singers, said: ''After a heavy rain, water runs off this mountain for days. Are they going ...

WAC | News : Nimham Mountain Model Forest: Kent rejects model forest plan
Kent mountain will be developed into a model working forest. Representatives from the state Department of Environmental ... farmland and pasture, the proposed model forest property is a haven for hunters, hikers and mountain bikers and is "the closest recreational opportunity for many outside of ball fields," Jeff Green said ... More from this site

Own Your Own Land In The Mountain Cloud Forest Adventure Resort In Intibuca
Rustic Mountain Adventure resort. MOUNTAIN BIKERS - This is a place where your bike will be the FIRST bike ever to ... or 528 acres. This land is being developed for homesites for mountain bikers, hikers, campers and horse lovers. In addition to Mountain bike trails being developed, horse trails are also being developed. ...

The Land
Kennebec Highlands, providing hikers, mountain-bikers, horseback riders and cross-country skiers opportunities for both short trips and extended outings. ... . The panoramic views from the top of Vienna Mountain are among the best in the state. Trails also follow streams through mountain valleys and ravines, access remote ponds, and wind ...

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