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ASM | Mammals of Wyoming
Procyonidae Ringtail Bassariscus astutus southern edge variety, dense riparian, mountain evergreen forests oak lowlands X 858 327 Raccoon Procyon ... (Wapiti) Cervus elaphus statewide deserts, timbered areas shrubland high mountain meadows M,G,F,Y,FM,M 186,863; 190;191, ... W,C 1274; 170, 171 63 Mountain Sheep (Bighorn Sheep) Ovis canadensis mtns nw part high mountain terrain, sagebrush country G,CM, ...

NMPIF Grassland 3
Areas around Canjilon and the Eagle Nest and Black Lake areas are especially important limit development in high mountain meadows reduce or eliminate draining these wet mountain meadows or limit diversions during breeding season eliminate grazing in wet meadows during the ...

Herbaceous Invasive Species
Europe Status : Available Provincial Location(s) : BC, SK, AB, MB, ON, QC, NF Habitat : Mountain meadows Description : Biennial, 2-3 feet high, hairy purple flowers, leaves alternate, deeply cut ... Origin : Eurasia Status : Provincial Location(s) : ON, QC Habitat : Wetlands, poorly drained fields, meadows and pastures Description : Perennial, 1 m high, small golden yellow flowers, branched stem, ...

NABA Biennial Meeting
Giant Sequoia groves, grasslands and pastures, Joshua tree woodland, marshes, mixed conifer and ... . World class activities recognized here include birding, fishing (blue ribbon trout fishery), hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and rock climbing. Camping, horseback riding, and windsurfing are some of ...

Mountain Grasslands and Meadows of the Colorado Plateau
While grasslands occur in uplands, mountain meadows occur in drainages, and are characterized by herbaceous plants, grasses, sedges and rushes. ... these higher elevation grasslands and meadows have been used for summer forage for cattle and sheep ranchers. Excessive stocking numbers on these once lush mountain meadows has resulted in widespread ...

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Conservation : Wetlands
In Colorado, rivers, creeks, lakes, reservoirs, springs, fens, playa lakes, and wet meadows comprise roughly a million acres of wetlands statewide. Our projects include: Wetlands Conservation with the ... a Wetland Bank Integration of Conservation Efforts for Wetland Birds Read More Copyright 2005 Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. All Rights Reserved.

Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory : Conservation : Monitoring
Each point transect contains up ... 230 Cherry Street Fort Collins, CO 80521 (970) 482-1707 Copyright 2005 Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. All Rights Reserved. More from this site

TMI Annual Report 2002 - President's Letter
Andes, to the autumn gold meadows in the ancient Appalachian mountain range, to the mystical Tibetan plateau on the “roof of the world”, every mountain stone tells a story. It is ... adventure company into an international non-profit that works to advance mountain cultures and preserve mountain environments in the longest, oldest mountain ranges in the world. As TMI grew and changed, many ...

TMI Annual Report 2002 - Global Programs
Through its Sacred Mountains Program, The Mountain Institute combines spiritually diverse perspectives on mountain environments—-peaks, streams, meadows, forests, flora, and wildlife—-with ... South America, The Mountain Forum connects grassroots mountain communities, development organizations, research institutions, international policy-makers, and many others interested in mountain issues. With ... More from this site

The Mountain Institute - Sikkim Biodiversity and Ecotourism Project
La Trail -- an exhilarating climb with dense forests and past spectacular mountain views. The forests and alpine meadows are some of the most biologically diverse in India, and contain over ... for ecotourism enterprise at Gyalsing. About TMI Our Work Mountain Stories About Mountains How You Can Help Copyright 2008 The Mountain Institute 3000 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 138, Washington DC ...

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